Ancient Aliens Australia


Ancient ruin in Georgia

Science Channel – The Unexplained Files Season 2 – Guest Presenter for Giants of Georgia

Rectangular Blocks

The Megalithic Constructions in the Ecuadorian Jungle are Not Natural Features

New Dawn Cover

New Dawn Special Edition Featuring Article from the E4A Research Team

Members of the team

The Discovery of the Llanganatis Lost City – First Two Expeditions

Pyramid blocks with vitrified stone or cement

Ecuador Megalithic Ruins Official Government Expedition & Reply To Critics

Pyramid wall

Recently Reported Ruins Located in Ecuador Jungle – Summary of Available Data


Lost City of Pyramids Discovered in Ecuador Jungle? – Photos & Video

Pyramid wall

Lost Megalithic Ancient City Reported To Be Discovered in Ecuadorian Jungle

Ancient Aliens In Australia: Pleiadian Origins of Humanity Interview – Part 1


THE HPANWO SHOW, WITH BEN EMLYN-JONES – Ancient Aliens Interview With Bruce Fenton

Ancient Aliens Australia

Ancient Aliens In Australia: Pleiadian Origins Of Humanity


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