Ancient alien skull

Ancient Alien Skull Found In Egyptian Burial Chamber?

Could this oddly shaped skull be from an ancient extra-terrestrial-human hybrid? This picture was taken by the authors down in an ancient tomb chamber that forms part of a mysterious catacomb under the Giza plateau, not far from the Great pyramid. It would be at least thousands of years old, though exactly how many thousands we do not know. To be buried here would mark one as having been of very high status and it was reported to me that there was once a marvelous highly decorated sarcophagus.

Strange skull under Giza

Strange skull seen beneath Giza – by Bruce Fenton














For comparison, below is a replica of a normal shaped human skull. It may be that the ancient skull is from a person with an unusual head shape or suffering from a disease, but it certainly looks strange.


resin-human-skull-147-p (1)

















A fragment of the ornate sarcophagus remains, sadly it had been destroyed by grave robbers and left as pieces of wood scattered across the floor of the chamber. What do you think, is this the skull of an ancient unknown hominid, a malformed human or something more out of this world?

Fragment of Egyptian sarcophagus

Fragment of Egyptian sarcophagus

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