EPIC Voyages Radio Network – Interview with Steven & Evan Strong (ForgottenOrigin.com)

For our first interview as hosts on the EPIC Voyages Network, Daniella and I (Bruce) will be interviewing our good friends and one time co-authors, Steven and Evan Strong. We will be asking them about recent projects in their ongoing quest to explain the lost origins of humanity, speaking events, upcoming books, their investigation of an Australian Crystal Skull and of course their recent book ‘Shunned: The Hidden History of the Original Australians.

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Science Channel – The Unexplained Files Season 2 – Guest Presenter for Giants of Georgia

Filming for the Science Channel’s The Unexplained show was my first experience of television production, it was also my first visit to Georgia (the country, not the state in the USA). Our team of explorers headed up into a remote part of the Borjormi National Park. Our mission? Seek out the remnants of a civilization of giants, and ideally excavate their bones from an ancient crypt hidden on a mountain top

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The Megalithic Constructions in the Ecuadorian Jungle are Not Natural Features

What I saw that day was enough to turn any scepticism into certainty. Perfectly rectangular blocks, stepping of blocks, smooth stone facing, a double layer of stone facing and even steps cut into the stone. More stone artefacts were also present, mostly parts of larger objects but also small hand tools. Perhaps most important was the discovery of a cement type mortar, clay-like when wet but appearing to be stone when dry. We also found a small piece of what seemed to be pottery.

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