Pleiadians & Ancient Aliens – Bruce Fenton interview on Capricorn TV

Ancient Aliens in Australia

Ancient Aliens in Australia

Capricorn Radio’s Heather Elizabeth Osbourn and Edward James Swager interview me about the book Ancient Aliens in Australia, which is largely about an ancient visit to Earth by beings that arrived from the direction of the Pleiades. We discuss the involvement of these beings in genetically engineering modern human beings. The chat also ranges onto other subjects such a lost civilizations and the halls of records.


  • clarence mitchell

    Great interview…I always follow what you are doing ,,you bring more to the people than most..Keep it up Bruce..Cant wait for your next adventure..:)

  • so called alien abductions, happens all over planet Earth, but some contacts are so much of personal nature : somewhere in Poland in 1960ties, some young man was taken into Pleiadian spaceship.. ship’s captain, woman introduced herself as 500 years Pleiadian, with some incarnational connections with Humans on Earth….then they had sex….their son lives with mother and they have constant communication…how many families like that, exist on Earth ?

    • Earth4AllAdmin

      I have read a couple of accounts rather like that from more recent times, not sure where I saw them. Strange things certainly do happen!

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