Eagle’s Flight: Death and Deliverance in the Amazon Jungle

Amazon Sustainability Awareness Project

Amazon Sustainability Awareness Project

What’s it all about? Eagle’s Flight is a tale of survival, and of how each and every experience has the potential to remake us anew. Exciting, dark, comic and optimistic, it is full of strange plot twists, magical characters and mystery. It is also a true story that gives answers to the questions we should all be asking – if we want to survive too.

From a childhood of haunted ruins and underground caverns, to adolescent years of gold sniping and confinement in a brutal educational facility for troubled teens. We follow Jason as he dodges bears, falls in love with a tragic escape artist and begins a bizarre apprenticeship with an obsessive suburban herpetologist. All before leaving high school!

Later, his wild quest for gold and adventure takes him from the freezing wilderness of Alaska, through the backwoods of Oregon and on to the steaming jungles of Central and South America. Always running, without ever realizing where to or what from, until a face-to-face encounter with a jaguar and a chance meeting with an amiable fantasist leads him to Ecuador – and to the attempt on his life that becomes the catalyst for his most incredible journey yet.

Please visit the campaign homepage now for full details of this incredible project and then watch the amazing video below!

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