EPIC Voyages Radio Network – Interview with Bob Newton of therogueresearcher.wordpress.com

The Rogue Resercher - Bob Newton

The Rogue Resercher – USOKS Founder, Bob Newton

For our second radio show over on EPIC Voyages Network, Daniella and I (Bruce) will be interviewing our good friend the Rogue Researcher, USOKS founder, Bob Newton. We will be talking about his several month-long research mission over in Peru, the evidence he has stumbled on of giant-sized people in the ancient past, his broader research into a lost civilization named Mu and of course his upcoming book release.

Join us at EPIC Voyages for a live broadcast interview on Monday 22nd June via the Inception Radio Network 8pm CST or catch us again re-broadcast on Dark Matter Radio Friday 26th June 7pm CST.

The show is now archived here.


  • Hi, biblical giants, giants skeletons uncovered all over the Earth…and giants living inside, Inner Earth, are probably that same species….why so tall ? because of different gravity ? all the best.

    • Earth4AllAdmin

      That is one popular theory, the gravity difference in the far past, perhaps there are other explanations of course but it is one that many people are exploring!

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