Huge UFO made up of Bizarre Flashing Lights Filmed Over Italy

ItalyUFOAntonio Urzi Simona Sibilla from Milan, Italy, claims to have spotted a huge UFO in the sky. Without wasting any time, Sibilla caught the entire extraterrestrial action in his camera.

The video, uploaded on YouTube, shows mysterious lights emitting from a supposedly super structured UFO.


The visitors to the video were amazed to see the strange lights, while others suspected it to be some sort of technical tampering to create the impression of an unidentified flying object.

One viewer of the video commented, “Amazing!! this is most beautiful UFO for me”.

“Hopefully it’s like Star Trek and their mission is to observe,” other users wrote.

Some viewers also suspected it to be fake and commented: “If it’s a fake (which totally could be), it’s very well done. Congratulations to the infografists and compoitor in that case. In the other case it’s real, I’m quite interested of the maximum focal length of the apparatus it’s been used.”

One more user suspected the video to be a space junk glittering in sunlight and wrote, “What about the possibility that it is just some fire-proof highly reflective space junk that has come off a space station or satellite and is floating it’s way down to earth? I’d love to think it’s aliens too.”

Source: Yahoo News

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