Lost Megalithic Ancient City Reported To Be Discovered in Ecuadorian Jungle

Pyramid wallBreaking News 19/10/2013 – We are excited to announce the recent discovery of a previously unknown megalithic complex located in a remote area of the Ecuador Amazonian jungles. This is a brief summary of some of what we already know or suspect to be the facts of this absolutely incredible find.

Back in May 2012 we were part of a private conversation in which it was revealed to us that one member of the discussion had recently been part of an expedition into the jungle here in Ecuador, which had ended up at what they took to be an ancient pyramid complex, one not known to the general public internationally or even within Ecuador. Due to a series of intense supernormal experiences happening at that time and the commitment to an existing research project (which led to our two published books ‘2012 Rising The Last Tzolkin: Warnings From The Maya & The Pleiadians’ & ‘Ancient Aliens In Australia: Pleiadian Origins of humanity‘) we did not follow up on this lead until we had completed our own ongoing work. Finally we can give the matter the due attention. We have now met with two members of the initial expedition team (October 2013) and examined their material – which is mind blowing in scope.

281293_524508084234508_1230071473_nAt the discovered site there is one extremely large megalithic block type structure of approximately 80 metres square base and 80 metres height, with steeply inclined walls. This structure is made up of irregular shaped large cut stone blocks, each is currently calculated to be approximately 2 tonne of weight, many hundreds of such blocks make up the walls of the building.

The top appears to be a flat area suspected y our contacts to have been a platform used by priests in either ceremonies or possibly sacrifices. The reason that human sacrifice is suspected relates to the degree of incline of the pyramid walls, the hypothesis is that they are similar to other structures in the Americas where the incline was deliberately engineered to allow for a human head to roll down the sides. This is currently speculation only.

Scattered around the area were a great many artefacts of stone and of pottery (seemingly now all stolen in recent months). Many of these objects appeared to be stone tools that could have been used either in mining or refining some kind of metal ore. Amongst these tools are some that would be extremely difficult for a normal size human being to use in any practical fashion, this has led to a strong suspicion that this is one of the legendary lost cities of the giants, well known in local Ecuadorian legends about the Amazonian area, such places generate great fear among the members of today’s jungle tribes as they are believed to be protected either by spirit guardians or by beings not of this world. Many explorers have gone into the jungles around this area and failed to return – it is certainly known to be dangerous to enter for the foolhardy traveller. Even the most expert explorers have vanished without trace in the hunt for lost cities and the supposed existence of immense treasures to be found.

We are personally aware of legends in that area that pertain to giant humans and their lost cities, in fact bones of giant people have been found in caves in the area – as well as in other parts of Ecuador. This particular region was said to be a great meeting place of the tribes, in fact tribes from as far away as Brazil travelled to this location due to beliefs about its long standing importance and strong energetic vibration. The discovery of this pyramid complex establishes the fact from the supposed fiction, this really is a place of the ancient giants and their cities. What remains to be seen is how big the complex area really is. The logical deduction is that roads or paths going out from this urbanisation would likely lead to other cities of the same civilization deeper into the jungle

The team has so far identified several large hills near to the structure, each of equal size that may be covered structures. The reasonable and logical working assumption is that each of these hills is a pyramid yet to be uncovered. This would make it a very significant sized city and pyramid complex.

Pyramid8The style of the buildings and the objects found all suggest an unknown pre-Inca culture, further detailed investigation will be required to establish all the facts.

The government are in the process of making all necessary arrangements for investigating the site. I will be in contact with a team of international experts in the fields of ancient megalithic sites and pyramid technologies. We suspect it could be a 12,000 year old Ancient Aliens related structure – but at the moment all bets are off as to who built this site – nobody knows.

Please share this information widely but do include links back to this page and the author.

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We would like to thank our sources for direct reports, research information and images:

Sr. Bolivar Morales

Sr. Manuel Chauvin

Sr. Manuel Viera

Sr. Luis Fernando Villacreses

Sr. Jhon Vinueza

Ancient Aliens In Australia: Pleiadian Origins Of Humanity (Sept 2013)

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  • Jim

    Interesting article…looking forward to more updates…

  • Please consider measuring & testing the geophysical attributes, some older pyramids were built to enhance seed germination at altars using ground currents that occur daily pre-dawn and certain seasonal or solar events, the static charge how it works and a method used by modern seed companies. If so, it ties this into a technology that was global in cultures using this technique for monumental architecture at about the same time depth.

  • Amazing find would love to know more and view this for my own eye…. if the day come to come and view please let me know as now understanding of these pyramids being all over the planet and knowing they were used for more than we know……. and please if you could give details of location so i could do a whole lot more research would be much appreciated….. look forward to your replys..:)

    • Earth4AllAdmin

      We will supply location details later once site has adequate protection, but for the moment we must be cautious to avoid alerting tomb robbers. I will be sharing lots more as we go along with this.

      • guillermo vasquez

        very interesting, this again show more evindence, that the egyptian pirámide culture, mayas, machupichu culture and now thi one are all interralated. GREAT DISCOVERY, hopefully it wiil remain intact. i would love to get more information, when possible.

  • Heather

    How exciting & fun to look forward to exploring!

  • thank you for the reply , i have also watched your video and would like to follow on this journey to Ecuador , do you have spaces to fill? so interesting and been into the giants of the past for some time , it helps explain a lot of whats here today and how we become….

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  • Interesting. I assume that the government has knwoledge of this discovery. Nowdays south american countries have conciouness of how valuable are ancient sites and protect them. Further more, Inca empire spread across more than 10.000 kilometers of the Andes mountains, and theirs natural border was the Amazonas Jungle. There are hundred of sites as the one described and as you said, many has been looted for years and the remains are barely recognize. Keep inform please. Thanks.

    • Earth4AllAdmin

      Yes the government has a file somewhere on this site, as it was reported, in fact some of the people that trekked out there hold government jobs. Archaeologists were invited but did not want to go into such a recognised as dangerous area. In the same jungle there are other ruins and somewhere is an Inca gold city/ Interesting place.

  • Silber-eye

    Zij die er altijd al waren en zullen zijn, geketend wachtend op het teken van het beest.

  • Hello —
    Your discovery sounds fascinating.

    I have some small experience with ground-penetrating radar, earth resistance, &c in cave searching : Don’t bother with earth resistance — it is extremely labor intensive, requires long wires cross-country, &c…

    As for GP Radar — buy only the best ( Zond has a good reputation ). I used a “Walkabout” unit in mountain terrain — nothing but false readings, $8000 wasted… Larger units ( Zond, &c , $15K + ) use a boxed antenna that you drag around, which might be workable on a pyramid, but not on the ground in a jungle.

    State-of-the-art GP radar now is enhanced with phase-conjugate mirroring to eliminate back-scatter.

    I found that walking the walk where no one has ever gone before, even if only a few yards off the beaten track, is the best way to make discoveries ( with an empty mind to enable psychism — thus I literally fell into covered cave entrances — twice ) .

    Good luck

    • Earth4AllAdmin

      Hi Robert,

      I would love to see GPR used at this site, I suspect there may well be a underground tunnel system, as often found to exist at ancient megalithic sites around the world. Whether its me that organises it or someone else I am not fussed, but I would love to know if anything is under that site. Concealed cave entrances and the like could be a hazard of a site so overgrown as this one. Really the story is my discovery but the site was found by someone else, the family involved are local people to that area not surprisingly as only they know the jungle well enough to navigate in there. I think its a deadly place for anyone else without them guiding the way.

      Many thanks

  • Dear Sir,
    You have nicely explained explore the Grand Canyon, it was a man made civilization, and we can also develop joint species and underground tunnels, if we know the principle of science in the background. It has similarity with Ancient Egypt, Vedic heritage.

    The Golden Age of Egypt: Exploring the Secret of the Pyramids

    Prof. Chandra P Trivedi
    The land of Egypt is far more mysterious than the history books. The new paradigm in science explore that Egypt was most scientifically developed civilization much more advanced than our present development, hence It was beyond interpretation. It has pushed it in mystery, magic and extra terrestrial myths. The Great Pyramid covers 13 acres, and was constructed of 2.3 million stones weighing up to 200 tons each. Why was this massive megalithic complex even built?

    The structures were built to preserve their achievements in science and technology, biophysics and genetics to explore the importance immortal, universally present DNA, and life after death is inevitable in all conditions. It explored as well that the creation is a system, which develop at its own under cosmic principles and merge into the same with time.

    It explores that creation is a system, it has developed from the fundamental energy with the sun as the source of energy on the earth.

    The Egyptian pyramids are not alien or extra terrestrial. It was a fully scientific development, under the cosmic principles. It was a man made civilization, and much more advanced than our present day civilization, hence its achievements are beyond imagination, converted it into myths of magic and superstitions.

    The pictures on the walls, multiple coffins in the pyramids, and the shape of the pyramids explore their achievements in cosmic Science, Genetics, Mathematics, Geometry, Biophysics and Architecture.

  • Austin

    These ‘hammers’ are made in the ‘tau’ shape and exist on a much larger scale in Turkey. The explanation is that they represent a star system, namely Centaurus, dealt with in ‘Return to Mars’, Magistra, 1989, Crowley and
    Pollock. Try Abe books.

    • Earth4AllAdmin

      No they are not the Tau shape though I appreciate your suggestion, the top end projects on all four sides rather than on two as with a Tau image.

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  • AF

    I feel curious about the shape of the area…

    Maybe, we could try using or tying some color gas ballons to take images from above with a simple camera and mark the the main points…

  • fabulous article. do you mind if I use some of your images from here for my blog post on this topic? I will provide appropriate credit and backlinks.

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  • eaglejm

    This looks just like Checkerboard Mesa, Zion Utah. http://www.americansouthwest.net/utah/photographs700/check.jpg A result of erosion.

    • Earth4AllAdmin

      The simple answer is ‘no it does not’. There are some parts of the structure wall that have been eroded badly by rain and do look a bit like that cliff you show, but most of it is clearly blocks. Then you have to remember that surrounding this structure are a large number of stone tools and other crafted stone objects. I assume Checkerboard Mesa was not found to be surrounded by giant hammers and axes.

  • fred

    Buddhism teaches about giants too. Everything in nature goes round in cycles, and that includes the life-span of man. At the low point the life-span is 10 years old and females can give birth at five years old. This is the low point in morals and ethics too, but after a global killing the survivors start to keep morals again. The age then increases gradually to a point where the life-span is more than 100,000 years…nature, animals, plants, trees etc. all equally reaching their full potential. The beings then are like giants to us now.
    Buddhas can only come when the life-span is below 100,000 and greater than 100 years. The next Buddha will come after the fall from highest down to when the age is 80,000 years. Buddha only come when the life-span is reducing not increasing like during the up cycle…now it is reducing but below 100 years.
    The next Buddha will be a height of 85 cubits, where the average males are 65 cubits and females 55 cubits.
    We were those past giants…and will be again…

    • Earth4AllAdmin

      A thai friend of mine once told me their cultural legends of the ancient times in which all things were larger, people, animals, fruits and vegetables. Over time all things have degraded and decreased in size as the cycle progressed. It is an interesting perspective. I am not sure it is truly a Buddhist teaching but is rather cultural stories with a connection to Buddhistic cultures. Is there a specific Buddhist text that states these things as facts? Personally I suspect not.

      • fred

        It is in the Pali scriptures…although i cannot tell you which ones. I read it from a book about the life of the Buddha compiled and translated by a Western monk. It certainly seems logical to me since everything is subject to change and nature works in cycles.
        Our water, air and crops are deteriorating in quality as we poison things which could certainly lead to a shorter life-span. The radiation from Fukushima has yet to have much effect but it may in the future.
        I would imagine that a cycle takes millions of years to complete….but what is a million years in infinite time. Buddhism sees the past and future as infinite…no beginning…no end…and agrees with the osscillating universe theory…big bang…expand…contract…big crunch…new big bang…

  • Mike Johnston

    What we know of central America and south American sites, but there are undiscovered cities that are being found now. I remember being in Oxkintok Mexico and looking at a hill near by. I realized it was not a hill but another pyramid they had not started excavating. If you consider under explored areas of central and south America, there is so many possible unexposed ruins that just look like hills! I hope Ancient archeology leads us to many more whose secrets have not been revealed that we might use to save us from ourselves.

    • Earth4AllAdmin

      This is absolutely correct. Just for one example the Mayan city of Palenque has about 2000 structures still covered by mud and jungle surrounding the tiny number that were cleared to form the archaeological park that tourists visit. The same goes for so many known ancient cities around the world. Here in Ecuador I have driven past so many highly suspicious Earth mounds – being from a country with a strong history of mound building (England) I suppose I notice these more than would a local that was not so aware of the difference between small hills and artificial mounds.

  • Ben

    You’re late to the party, we were there in April-May and we were not the first ones either.
    One thing is sure, this is not a pyramid.


    • Earth4AllAdmin

      Today at 7:43 AM
      Hi Ben,

      Thank you for the message, I have been on your interesting website in the past and I appreciate your message. I am aware that people have been to the site in the 1930’s and then a few decades ago and more recently both in early 2012, late 2012 and early 2013 – now it is being visited by many tourists. As I have said I am just reporting from the story people told me.

      I guess the questions is what do you think it is? Why are there so many strange stone tools scattered around on the ground? Any ideas?

      Many thanks

    • Earth4AllAdmin

      The sad thing is that I read in your article that you did not see any artefacts at the site, but 18 months ago the team that went said they saw artefacts littering the ground there. They showed me photographs of some of these objects that appear to be hammers and other things. I suppose this means everything has been stolen. What a sad development for archaeological research!

      • Ben

        Hi there,

        Thanks for your interest.
        I don’t know about this expedition in the 30’s, that’s interesting. As per what we know, the recent landslides created by eruptions were the cause of the recent expeditions.
        I am not claiming the discovery of the site either, please be reassured.
        In my opinion this is 100% natural. Both sides of the site are 100% natural, no doubt about it.
        I still have a doubt about the front piece of the structure but the erosion seems to have done that. My team members are not that convinces though and there is a chance that the waterfall has been rerouted and that the entrance of a cave has been sealed. In this case, that could be connected to the story of Atahualpa that we are investigating for awhile though.
        The site shows evidence of looting (obviously someone used some dynamite on the right hand side of the site). I also heard about claims about artefacts found there but we have not seen anything. At the same time, my group don’t excavate so there is still a possibility.
        We are in contact with the local authorities. So far, they were not interested about the site so we could not communicate and take the risk to attract looters and treasure hunters. We now have to communicate. We have the GPS location of the site, and many documents. We were planning to go back in a few months with a more powerful drone. We were about to raise funds for that. We’ll see what happen in the upcoming couple of days.
        Do not hesitate contacting me directly.

        Best regards

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  • Victoria

    amazing and beautiful, and wondrous to see!

  • Great work! This is the kind of data that should be shared throughout the web. %KW%
    Katherine https://twitter.com/puntoGT

  • Todd

    I have seen this type of formation on Vancouver Island as well. Who do I send a Picture too?
    Thanks Todd

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  • Liliana Delgado

    Hi, I’m from Manta, Manabí, Ecuador, is a small city in the coast,( sorry for my english btw), well in my town exist the legend of giants wo fell off the sky, they can’t reproduce with the women so they eventually die without descendents, later in the Umiña ( who was a goodess) temple there was big bones who were used in the construccion of pilars or something, all of this was destroy by spanish who were looking for gold or esmeraldas (Umiña was a big esmeralda) so…in the Isla de la plata we can’t find anything today wich is very sad, but i supossed that those big bones maybe related with the giants, or maybe some kind of dinosaurs… idk

    • Earth4AllAdmin

      This is very interesting information, thank you for your comment. Is there any articles about this history somewhere on the internet? If you can tell us any more I would love to hear about it all. What was this Umina exactly? Was it a being or a emerald? Is there more information? Thank you

  • Marcos Merino

    Hi there, I am one of the first person that found this place. We used to owned the farm just beside to the west part called El Tigre in the way to San Jacinto point. 20 years ago l remembered I went with a pick and a bar with my brother Fidel trying to get one rock down and we did. (the one hole on the right corner on top). It did’t look like a big deal. the rocks were symmetrically set and the lines Horizontally and vertically were also precisely done, but it was full of plants and dirt.
    we then talk some friends from the area in Banos then we forgot about it.
    for me is a great deal since i know this place, and brings me memories of the rainforest.
    now I live in Canada, But I still Own a Farm down there,
    Anyway I would like to get some more info when ever you have thanks.

    • Earth4AllAdmin

      Hello Marcos,

      A fascinating comment, it must of been amazing to find this site all those years ago. I would love to share details with you, feel free to email me at Bruce@2012rising.com and also it would be great to hear more of your story.

      Kind regards


  • John P Yates

    Now reading 1931 book by Erland Nordenskiold ISBN 0-404-15149-3. Lots of info about S. America.
    3 titles—first one ORIGIN OF THE INDIAN CIVILIZATIONS IN SOUTH AMERICA. then short section on arrow poison and one on the Peruvian abacus. John Yates

  • Buzz Rainbowwolf

    We (Starseeded one ) reside with you in this level of reality ,this density of matter .I recall some of my previous incarnations as a member of an extraterrestrial race ,coming to Earth during a war that raged through our home systems ,we came here to shelter in the earth bases ,here in the ancient cities of Cibola (turtle island ) .I remember that we brought the conflict here and many ancient places were destroyed as the two sides fought ,an invading force set on domination and slavery and defenders of Earth and its people ,those who were opposed to this .Because of the devastation we caused (Karmically) ,we were then tied to work our Karmic debt off by endless incarnations here ,many of us are now ready to return home .There was a race that encouraged high civilization at the end of the Atlantean period ,founding high technological civilization in places such as Egypt ,I was one who was there ,A Son of God ,The ruling starseeded race .I don’t remember much about this period but there are many that document the truth of what occurred then , so much forgotten …I remember a twin spired citadel in a very wooded area somewhere that had high technology such as antigravity disks (such as the golden grays have).I remember a planet or moon colony wiped out by a rain of debris/meteor shower .I remember dying it was like a planet had blown up nearby…it was a red rocky place .

  • Tino

    Hey, i m actually In ecuador for traveling. Now i red the articaland want to know, if its possible to help like a voluntary the workers cleaning the ruin from the dschungel. Knows someone an adress where i can ask for?


  • Damon

    Do you know how large a complex this is? If the structure and surrounding hills are approximately the same size (I assume width and height), how tall is a single structure?

    • Earth4AllAdmin

      For the moment we don’t know the size – my hypothesis is that it will be a medium size city or large town.

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  • Hanny2125

    Hi, this is very interesting, do you have any actual information about this topic?


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  • tim

    are this gigants exist?

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  • a

    why is it quiet about all this ??
    now it should be more facts,
    more volunteers?

    if public ignore all, we are sold, we are already sold

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