Ecuador Megalithic Ruins Official Government Expedition & Reply To Critics

Ecuador Pyramid Expedition Plan Update

Pyramid blocks with vitrified stone or cement

Pyramid blocks with vitrified stone or cement

We have quite a bit of news to share with those following this developing story and lots of responses to our few critics. Where to begin?

Well we have officially cancelled our fund raising activities, this was in the form of two IndieGoGo crowd funding campaigns. The reason for this cancellation is that we no longer will be heading any expedition, the only thing we will need to purchase is our own equipment such as boots, waterproofs and basic supplies for a hike. A total of $55 was donated and this will go towards those costs, thank you to those that wanted to help. I will be borrowing the remainder needed from friends unless anyone feels strongly they wish to sponsor me in some way.


So what has changed? Well, we had a very interesting meeting with the Ministry of Patrimony, they invited us into their HQ to process our official reporting of the existence of this important ancient site. Senior personnel examined the video and photographs and stated they are convinced that this is a legitimate ancient complex of great importance. It is hard to express how happy they were that we processed this report as apparently they had absolutely no record of anyone finding this site ever before, despite the fact that we now know many groups have trekked into this site [seemingly some of them stealing all the artefacts also]. It seems nobody else thought to provide an official report of this discovery to the correct offices of government. Due to our helpful information about the megalithic ruins we have been granted a permit to enter the site alongside the first official government team of archaeologists, palaeontologists and security personnel. I can’t tell you how excited and grateful I feel to be the only non-government and non-Ecuadorian invited along on this unique adventure.  I also wish to extend my extreme gratitude to all of the wonderful people at the Ministry of Culture and Ministry of Patrimony that made us feel so welcome and have made this all possible for us to actually go to see this extraordinary location. It would certainly not have been possible otherwise – and also not legal! We should be coming back with a first person account and new footage, along with real expert opinions, before the month is finished. Watch this space.


I now feel that I should address some of my critics just to clear up a few misunderstandings. It has been said that we at E4A Media are simply Gringo’s sitting in our home abroad whilst invading the intellectual territory of local researchers and trying to take over their story, steal their glory and gather money they could use for investigations. This is a very incorrect assumption. First off whilst I (Bruce) am not Ecuadorian, being actually English-Trinidadian, both my wife and all our three children are Ecuadorian citizens and we currently live in the Ecuadorian city of Ambato. We only know about this site because back in May 2012 we met with one of the men that visited the ruins on a trek during April of that year and he told us about it and also of his suspicion it was a city of giants. We have not somehow stolen this story, it was told directly to us in person. We have not even discussed the matter for 18 months, we hardly jumped straight in and started trying to take over the matter or did anything that could suggest we were desperate for glory or recognition off the back of it. If anything we can be accused of not bothering with it and being slack reporters of something so important. We eventually decided to follow it up as it seemed nobody involved had done anything to have the site properly investigated or fully reported to the general public – the failure of everyone involved to do these seemingly obvious and simple tasks is what actually motivated us to grudgingly become so directly involved.


Some few people have complained about the use of photographs on our articles that were not taken by us and are actually available to view on Facebook in the accounts of local people. They have levelled criticism at us for our blacking out of faces, our not stating names of those involved and the adding water marks to images. Apparently the belief held by some readers is that we did all of this to somehow take away the recognition deserved by those that went to the ruins already, also that we stole pictures from one individuals Facebook account. Let me be very clear that we had a physical meeting with two members of the six man expedition, both stated they wanted to get this story out to the world, and one stated we could use everything we found in his Facebook account on this matter (Mr ‘M’). The reason we have blacked out faces is two-fold, firstly we do not have any express permission from anyone but our source as to their being featured on our website (he stated we could use his name or leave it out as we pleased), I was keen not to anger these other people in the pictures by making their faces public on a website they may not like or potentially put them in legal problems if the government decided they were trespassing or damaging the structure. If the people in the images would like to have their faces shown and their names included in these articles I am very happy with that and they need only tell me so (they are all aware of my updates). And as to my adding the url watermark this is of course so that when the images are reposted on other websites people can find the full original articles – a very normal action.


I hate to have to repeat things that I have stated already in other updates but some people seem to have missed some key points. I have never stated that I discovered these ruins and I have made it very clear that I have never visited them. It is unclear exactly who discovered this site, it would seem to be a person local to that area some decades ago and that they told a small number of people close to them, the jungle guides of today are those few that came to know of its existence some time after that discovery. I have no interest in trying to take away anything from the actual discoverer and if that names comes to be known to me I am happy to give full credit should they want me to do so [we now know this data and will push for the names being recognized]. If the people that have so far shared their relevant and helpful information with me, would also like to have their full names and images here on the site that can also be arranged. All we at E4A Media can state for a fact is the government of Ecuador considers us to be the only people to ever report this archaeological site to them, they state they have no record of this place before we spoke to them about it through our contact at the Ministry of Culture. It is their gratitude about our actions that means we have been invited to tag along with the first official government organised expedition, scheduled for sometime this month.


Regarding the money side of the criticism there was a singular suggestion that we were trying to raise money for tourism and that we were some how taking funds away from the existing official research project led by local researchers. Firstly we clearly stated in our first completely unsuccessful campaign that it was to fund a n expedition and film project, taking several experts to the site, that would record the site and relevant opinions and then make a high quality film for the international public. Then in our second completely unsuccessful campaign we clearly stated we had revised our goal and were looking only to raise enough to buy the equipment for the trek and to place the sites location on the map, 80% of the target was to buy a good quality handheld GPS device to do the positioning. Neither of these campaigns had anything to do with starting a tourism enterprise and could not be interpreted in such a way. The fact is that we cancelled these campaigns when it became apparent the government was going to act to visit the site and begin a project there as it was obvious we no longer needed to try and do anything ourselves – we raised $55 which I will use to buy some rubber boots as the area is a swamp. The other thing that must be said is there really is no existing official research project that funds should have gone to, any current research project at the site is in fact not government related and thus totally illegal.


Much of this is quite boring and should be unnecessary but I have decided to answer my detractors in a clear and balanced way so as to put an end to any nonsense being spread on the web and to make it very clear as to the actual situation in reality.

The only update that really matters for most readers is the fact the government is now arranging an expedition of real experts to go to the site as soon as possible along with personnel that can secure it from thefts. This is the expedition we will be attached to as independent media representatives allowed to take film and photographs, but not to in any way physically interact with the archaeology of the site of course. We will let you know once we have a firm date for the trek.

Visit the next article in this series or visit previous article.

We would like to thank our sources for direct reports, research information and images:

Sr. Bolivar Morales

Sr. Manuel Chauvin

Sr. Manuel Viera

Sr. Luis Fernando Villacreses

Sr. Jhon Vinueza

All the personnel at the Ministry of Patrimony Quito

Research team from

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  • At last Bruce & Danni….. The right thing happening, with the right people, in the right place……and promising the right result!! Just for once, all those media vampires clothed in books and expensive regurgitated hyped presentations will be forced to sit back and see how the ordinary guys, through sheer passion and a will to simply share virgin knowledge with the world – will now do just that from this site. If only it were so at other more accessible sites elsewhere! Go to it Bruce & good luck.

  • Tim Hawkins

    Hi Bruce,

    I feel congratulations are in order… it seems that the two of you are on the right side of this. There will always be haters in a situation like this; don’t let them bother you. Do the right thing and all will work out as it should. Godspeed. Love you both.


  • Very well. I applaud your attitude. It is good to recognize the sources. Do not miss this Sunday 9:45 PM by Gamatv special about the structure of Rio Negro.

  • Sallee Glaesner

    Congrats Bruce & Daniella

    Yes. It all seems to be preceding in the most correct, safe manner with your well deserved support of the Ecuadorian government. Hopefully this site will be protected, explored and data collected in the best manner to preserve its lessons for humanity.

    I am so excited to see how this all proceeds. Best of Everything.

    Capt Sallee Glaesner

    • Earth4AllAdmin

      We really hope all now progresses in the optimum manner, we have certainly put in a lot of time and effort to ensure this. There is much more yet to be done and more than we can handle alone – fortunately there are now others here pushing for the site to be protected and researched. It is possible some kind of local committee will be formed soon that aims to ensure this all happens.

  • wgallo

    Amazing….people!!! Lets just focus in unveiling what could be a huge archeological discovery (it seems it might be), and cheer the government for helping out with that!!! Turism would really help everyone. Plus, who knows, the books could be rewritten…whoever made it public, THANK YOU…either you get the recognition or not, what really matters is the importance of it to us all, south america, and the history.

    Just cheer people…just cheer…hugs to all

    • Earth4AllAdmin

      Well said, what matters is the discovery itself and how things proceed from here to ensure all is done the right way – hopefully there will not be any more sidetracking into what should be irrelevant matters. The government still seems a bit slow to react but so say they will be doing something in the new year.

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