Science Channel – The Unexplained Files Season 2 – Guest Presenter for Giants of Georgia

Ancient ruin in Georgia

s Ancient ruin in Georgia

Filming for the Science Channel’s The Unexplained Files show was my first experience of television production,  it was also my first visit to Georgia (the country, not the state in the USA). Our team of explorers headed up into a remote part of the Borjormi National Park. Our mission? Seek out the remnants of a civilization of giants, and ideally excavate their bones from an ancient crypt hidden on a mountain top. All of this to be filmed by the Discovery Network’s camera crew that had hiked in with us so the results could be shared later on the ‘ The Unexplained Files’ season 2. Airing from 27th July 2014.


It was a very tough hike, I would be hard pressed to say which was more challenging, the expedition in Georgia or my expedition into the Ecuadorian jungle. Yet it was also very worthwhile from my perspective. What I saw there left me in no doubt we had arrived in the heart of an ancient, and I mean reeaaaalllly ancient, civilization. Old enough for human bones to of become fossilized. There was also the obvious remnants of a block road that extended for several kilometers, huge weathered cliff engraving of a skull, the remains of ancient structures and most fantastic of all a type of concrete that left me wondering if we were perhaps walking ground once trod by the fantastical beings known as the Nephilim! It was not like any other concrete so far found on Earth…more like something seen in hell.


I will be posting more about this and I am working on a short e-book about the trek and how it linked to my expedition to the Ecuador lost city, it may actually become two short e-books, one for each site, both with plenty of pictures and first hand opinions and description. Also you will get something of a look behind the making of the Science Channels most popular show, fascinating in itself.


Artificial block dislodged from ancient road in Georgia giants site.

Artificial block dislodged from ancient road in Georgia giants site.

In the meanwhile here is my first interview about this incredible new site, discovered all the way across the globe, on the border of Europe and Asia. Click here to listen. For those that can’t wait to find out more about the journey of discovery so far, perhaps start with our existing book release, now reduced to half price for the Kindle version, $2.99, and less than $9.99 for print click here to visit our Amazon page. Remember you do not need a Kindle device, a free app can be downloaded to any computer device.

P.s. The advanced looking concrete block in the image here is incredible, but it is not the really freaky type…

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