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Naga Humanoid

Earth 4 All is an independent media service initiated to share the latest information from research into lost civilizations, ancient mysteries, extra-terrestrials and occult material.

We feel that human history still contains a enormous number of mysteries. All across the surface of this planet there exist ancient megalithic sites and strange artefacts that seem to defy the current mainstream orthodox view of human origins and the development of our global civilization. Not only does physical evidence exist which causes us to question the existing paradigm, but so to does an enormous wealth of aural history held by various cultures situated on land masses around the planet. It is our belief that many answers to existing mysteries await our discovery, we merely need to look a little bit deeper.


Not only is historical research  full of potential revelations that could shake the very firmaments of our modern collective consciousness, but so to is the study of advanced sciences such as quantum theory. It appears that our cutting edge of scientific understanding is beginning to merge with the teachings of the wise ancients and modern mystics. Often we find the language of quantum theory sounds uncannily like the language of spiritual teachings. It is as though the wisdom of the ancients is returning just as is our knowledge of their lost civilizations and technologies. One big questions is who were the true progenitors of the human race, the great wisdom teachers of ages now long forgotten? We have struck upon a most controversial answer to that question. It seems to us that throughout human history there have been visitations to this planet by entities that could be called extra-terrestrial but might better be called inter-dimensional – or perhaps we should say there is evidence for both.


The subjects we cover are so vast in scope that we have tried to narrow our focus for the moment to just three regions of the planet and just a small selection of potential areas of study. What we might call our global team of interlinked researchers, has a special focus on Australia, Egypt, Mexico and Ecuador – though these are not absolute limits to research reports we publish here at E4A. The site categories reflect the areas of special focus. One mysterious race in particular appears again and again in our research findings, these are humanoid beings we refer to as the Pleiadians, and they seem to have had a notable presence in all of these named geographical areas.


ProfGeorgBruce Fenton – Supernatural researcher and investigator of the mysterious aspects of the Mayan culture and evidence for a lost ancient culture in Ecuador and Peru. Co-Author of `2012 Rising The Last Tzolkin – Warnings From The Maya & The Pleiadians´, Co Author of `Ancient Aliens In Australia – Forgotten Origins of Humanity´. Reiki Healer, Psychic Reader, and Kundalini Energy Activation Practitioner.



294643_119792851461737_100002930678882_121074_946447936_nDaniella Cardenas – Spiritual medium and psychic archaeological researcher. Co-Author of `2012 Rising The Last Tzolkin – Warnings From The Maya & The Pleiadians´, Co Author of `Ancient Aliens In Australia – Forgotten Origins of Humanity´.  Reiki Master, Hypnotic Regression Therapist, Trance Medium, Spiritual Channel and Gypsy Card Reader.