Ancient Aliens In Australia: Pleiadian Origins Of Humanity

Ancient Aliens In Australia: Pleiadian Origins of Humanity

Ancient Aliens AustraliaFrom the Authors

Ancient Aliens In Australia: Pleiadian Origins Of Humanity

Print Length 228 Pages

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Bruce Fenton, author and a guest presenter on the Science Channel’s popular show ‘The Unexplained Files’ (season two), and esteemed researcher, speaker and author, Steven Strong, take us on a journey to several mysterious ancient sites located in Australia. They lead an exhaustive search for evidence to support the claims made by indigenous original Australians, that far in the past, perhaps even one million years ago, extra-terrestrial beings visited that land and subsequently seeded the genetic material for Homo sapiens. This voyage of discovery actually takes us across three continents and then beyond our mundane world into the mystical realms of shamans and Clever Men, it then rises above our atmosphere into the darkness of space and heads onwards towards a far off mythical home world in the direction of the Pleiades.

StoneWallAus AtoneWallAus2In this remarkable book, supported by numerous photos and images, we are introduced to the incredible physical evidence of a lost civilization having existed in Australia, one that held advanced knowledge and high technology. This civilization seemingly proclaimed for itself an out of this world origin – one somewhere in the direction of the so-called seven sisters, or the Pleiades constellation. This mysterious race of possible progenitors may well be the true ancestors of modern Homo sapiens, could they then be the unknown third ancient race included in our DNA alongside the genetic material from Neanderthals and Denisovans? The evidence to support this possibility is provided in this book for your examination.

This is not just a sharing of physical research relating to an ancient alien contact event, it is far more. It is also the revelation of an incredible modern contact event, involving a series of spontaneous shamanic journeys in altered states of consciousness. These otherworldly journeys, which caused enormous physical pain to the participant, supplied a wealth of information about these Pleiadian beings themselves and revealed their claim of an intimate connection with the authors. Allow yourself to be taken across sacred land, through time and space and on into other dimensions of reality, where you too can gain an understanding of one of our galaxies most advanced ancient races, perhaps the true forbears of our modern species of human beings.
Read with an open mind and much wisdom and understanding can be gained along the way. It is certainly quite the intellectual adventure!

For the $9.99 Print Version click here 

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Click here to meet the co-authors Bruce & Daniella or Steven and Evan

Visit this link to listen to a recent interview of Bruce Fenton over at Critical Mass Radio

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