Above Left - Pillar 28 from Enclosure C, Gobekli Tepe (Image Credit: K. Schmidt, DAI). Above right - “Medicine Man of the Worgaia” (Image Credit: Peoples of All Nations, 1922).

A Global Aboriginal Australian Culture? The Proof at Göbekli Tepe

Scientists and independent researchers have publicly speculated on the purpose of the mysterious Göbekli Tepe megalithic complex in southern Turkey. The question that the experts seem unable to address is the identity of the builders. Having completed an in-depth investigation of human origins and early migrations, it is now appropriate to reveal my extraordinary findings – Göbekli Tepe is the product of Aboriginal Australian culture.

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Grimerica Talks Human Origins & Into Africa Theory with Bruce Fenton

nterview Starts 34:05 Bruce Fenton, author of The Forgotten Exodus – the Into Africa Theory of Human Evolution joins us for another long uninterrupted chat. He talks about his new book, an accumulation of the latest scientific research into our origins as the human race. Our current mainstream model of “out of Africa” still holds fast – barely – despite the amount of research that contradicts it. Bruce gets into the details of this evidence and we chat about lineages vs species, Homo Erectus – the wanderer, the earliest tool makers, the profound archaeological sites including the lost city of Giants in Equador, the sudden explosion of evolution and how Toba was just about the end of our species. We also get a little deeper into underground migrations, species vs trait evolution, the hobbit’s and the giants, and some recovered artifacts. http://brucefenton.info/into-africa-theory

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The Cosmic Switchboard Interview with Bruce Fenton on The Into Africa Theory

Bruce Fenton, the author of “Forgotten Exodus: The Into Africa Theory of Human Evolution” discusses his theories about the very real possibility that Humanity as we understand it originated in Australia and worked its way into Africa. To listen to part 2 go to thecosmicswitchboard.com. Bruce’s website is brucefenton.info
Bruce talks about his knowledge of the “Lost City of Giants” in Ecuador and his days researching in South America which led him to research the Australian origins of humanity. Bruce talks about the fallacies surrounding the notion of “Hunters and Gatherers” and the possibility of an ape like ancestor never existed.

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Water linked traditions in the Early World

Life depends on water, but for thousands of years, it’s also played a role in many religions. The earliest known example of this is the Great Bath at Mohenjo Daro in the Indus Valley civilisation in Northern India and Pakistan. Nothing is known about the religion of these people but this impressive structure, which dates to the 3rd-millennium b.c.e, is believed to have been used for purification rituals.

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