“Cancer is a Gift” – Curing the Incurable?

Apart from the inevitability of dying, if there is one word that can strike fear into the heart and soul of most human beings, irrespective of colour, nationality or income, it has to be cancer. The promises of death, suffering and poisonous doses of chemotherapy and radiation given by oncologists is something no human being on this planet would either want or wish upon another. Once the verdict is passed and bone pointed, every day is a question mark and death is a constant companion.

by Steven Strong

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The difficult decision, orthodox or complementary treatments for cancer.

The difficult decision, orthodox or complementary treatments for cancer.

Until the day my wife was diagnosed with Advanced Hepatocellular Carcinoma and was told that she had less than 6 months to live, we had never discussed or taken any interest in the subject bar sympathising with any we knew of who were afflicted by this tragic turn of events. Nothing could be done to help in any way save the token effort of taking four pills a day crammed full of toxic chemicals impossible to spell. At best, this batch of chemicals may offer an extra month of side-effects, but as the approved poison could only “inhibit” or “delay,” there was no chance whatsoever of survival. With the cancer in her liver measuring 15 cms by 12 cms, another cancer in the spleen that was four times its normal size and an entourage of quite a few smaller cancers in the general area, it was too late to operate and an eminent death the only prognosis.

As the reader may know if they read Part 1, we decided to seek other natural remedies with the principle agent being Medicinal Cannabis Oil. Within a week of the death sentence being handed down from above Del was already on the maximum dosage of 10 drops of oil a day sourcing a strand ironically referred to as AK-47 (Afghani Kush 47). In keeping with the general negativity of the medical climate and in stark contrast to Hippocrates’ reminder of “physician heal thyself,” when informing the oncologist of our intention not to meekly submit and try Medicinal Cannabis Oil, she was adamant that the oil “cannot kill one cell of cancer.”(Personal Communication)

Despite the diagnosis given, Del ignored their blanket denial and put her faith in this precious, natural product of nature. Thank God we did! At the closing of our first article Del’s blood cancer count had dropped from 664,000 to just over 300 over four months. The Cat Scan had shown a massive reduction in the size of both major cancers and the smaller tumours were defeated. The early signs were indeed promising.

Knowing that throughout the consistently decreasing dosage taken of Nexavar which can only “delay” and that Del was on the maximum dosage of Medicinal Cannabis Oil and no other chemical or therapy, pure logic alone ascribes most to probably all of this decrease to the Oil. But of course, neither the oncologists nor the pharmaceutical companies they rely upon are likely to pursue this train of thought. That seemed to be the case, but further down the line if Del’s improvement continued we may be able to be more definite.
Whether by natural remedies, exotic chemicals or a combination of both, many other people suffering various types of less lethal forms of cancer have initially had less dramatic but similar declines. Regrettably the remission falls apart and the cancer returns immune to any ‘known’ form of medication. Nonetheless, this time around we were hoping new rules apply and that it would all be different. When questioning the oncologist about the rate of descent (over a four week period the cancer blood count had dropped by over 450,000 cells) he did concede that he had never seen such a rapid descent. He also admitted, upon prompting by us, that what added to the uniqueness of what he was witnessing, was that this cancer is one of the very worst with a “dismal prognosis” from which no human had ever survived.

The Next Step

And that was the current state of proceedings when the last article was concluded. Would the very few remaining cells resist and was that count as good as it gets, as has been the case with so many others? What only added to the growing list of uncertainties, was that over the entire period of medication Del had been gradually reducing her intake of Nexavar and her current dosage was an unacceptable one eighth the recommended intake. Knowing that such a low dosage was outside the minimal limit permissible in the original trial conducted on 600 patients, my wife was already in uncharted waters upon which we were destined to travel further.

As far as the blood tests are concerned the magic number is 12, the oncologists and chemical companies have set an arbitrary line in cancer blood cell count that they claim the patient must reach before acknowledging that there is a real chance the cancer is gone. From our stance, with a score sitting in the mid 300’s such a number is still some way off.

However amongst all the uncertainties ahead there was one area that is a narrative yet to be concluded which can only run one of two ways. Soon after the first article was posted contact was made with the Sydney Morning Herald, the ABC National Radio, a television station and national magazine of left leanings. Initially it all looked so promising and positive, every group was very keen to cover this recovery and were responsive to the idea that the Medicinal Cannabis Oil was the prime agent responsible for the death of cancer cells.

To be honest we never held out any realistic hope that any of these ventures would come to anything of substance, airplay or print in any mainstream media outlet, the obstacles would be too great to overcome. Despite earnest assurances and repeated promises each group eventually succumbed to pressure from above and meekly fell into line.
The score of 8 was a double blessing and a huge relief, and some. Del had finally reached and passed below this incredibly low arbitrary score and it would seem that this unsafe concoction of chemicals had very little to do with this, all the way down to absolutely nothing but get in the way. At no stage had we consulted with the oncologists or doctors when deciding to make each reduction, and each occasion it had worked, and had done so again. It was now time to boldly step out further in nearly completing the journey of re-connection and cleansing of mind, soul and body.

Half a tablet on the fifth day is a huge extension on one full tablet every three, it is actually one fourtieth the recommended dosage over that period of time. The reduction of more than 300% was really testing the waters. What if the Nexavar had an insignificant but vital role to play in both the killing and suppression of the cancer and now we were going to ‘let loose the dogs of war’ when all but under control and locked up waiting for the knock-out blow. This was the most dramatic reduction embarked upon, it is ineffectual from every medical viewpoint as this token effort would have no useful purpose except to take the pressure off and fire up the very few remaining cancer cells and resurrect the cancerous process yet again. So they would say, but not us.

Over the five weeks that passed after the decision to cut back so deeply, we were always aware that the next blood test was absolutely pivotal in determining future directions and medications. If there was a rise in count above the low bar already set and ascends well past 12, then the science is clear and Nexavar is indeed an active agent in both killing and preventing the cancers.

The reading of 6 was obviously welcome and tinged with relief, but there was still one last step into the unknown to be taken. She had to stop taking the Nexavar, forever, and see what happens next. With such a trifling amount of chemo taken, well below any concept of a minimum dose, the chances were now very high Nexavar’s contribution was either insignificant or none whatsoever.

While Del was sitting in the oncologist’s room hearing all the good news she wasn’t yet prepared to reveal the full extent of how much she had cut back her tablet intake, but nor could she meekly nod and conceal when asked if she was still on one tablet every second day. She knew that from three visits back when I first voiced our intention to drop back to one tablet every third day, it was that declaration which was directly responsible for me being banned from attending again. To lessen the dosage by over 300% and openly admit to this independent course of action was a heavy cross to bear. So she chose a mid-path and conceding she had dropped the dosage to one each three days.

Upon hearing of this reduction the oncologist was clearly disturbed and sighed heavily. It was patently obvious that his continual offering of Nexavar each time Del entered the room since my banishment was the principal focus directed from above. The mere thought of her taking less of these toxic tablets was deeply disappointing. I’m sure if he knew she was really on an intake of half a tablet every five days his sigh would have been deeper and longer and may have been accompanied by a tear or two.

Reading Between the Liver and the Spleen

Of course any analysis of the cancer cell count in blood is but one indicator, and the second best at that. The MRI that accompanied this blood sample would hopefully resolve any lingering doubts. And that is exactly what happened, the coast was clear. There was no sign of cancer, anywhere. The liver was crystal clear and functioning perfectly, and the spleen was cancer-free and back to its normal size.

Five months ago the mere thought of being in this position was so difficult to even dream up in our most positive moments, but here it was and all that was left was to dump the chemo! It all comes down to this one simple blood test. All the suffering, pain, tests and countless doubts and leaps of faith revolved around the results of this analysis. Five days before the last blood sample which gave a score of 6, Del stopped taking the chemicals. If her score is still below 12 she is totally off the chemical leash and free to clean her body of the accumulations and side-effects chemo always guarantees.

That lack of certainty works both ways, if there is a dramatic increase which parallels dumping the tablets then the science is clear and Nexavar does have a role to play and is required in resistance. Unfortunately the concept of just reapplying the ‘bandaid’ after the breach does not apply to cancer. Inevitably whatever re-emerges from the ashes after the initial chemical onslaught is battle-hardened and re-armoured, from that point on the prognosis is indeed dire.

That was the risk my wife decided to take. No doubt all the approved medical experts would agree that such a course of action to be inadvisable. To finally rid herself of the only prescribed drug they endorsed is the only path they would not recommend. Much better to endure a lifetime of swallowing tablets made in laboratory that you need to consult a dictionary to spell. There was so much misery ahead, the adverse effects, accumulation of all sorts of exotic substances building up inside, and to top it off this particular drug never had a long-term study performed as no-one ever survived. It all sounds too much like the death of a ‘thousand cuts.’

From the onset of this imbalance we have always taken a different stance. We know that the cancer is dead but the stem cells, which can turn into cancer in the future if so inclined, cannot be touched or interfered with by any chemical or form of radiation. So if the cancer is gone and any artificial substance yet manufactured unable to kill one stem cell or prevent it from turning cancerous, and if it did have any use that was solely limited to fighting the daughter cells of the cancer created by the stem cells. This chemical hasno use and must go.

Moreover, during the entire stretch it was the Medicinal Cannabis Oil that led the way and the fight and won the battle willing to stand on sentry alone while the pawn/spectator (Nexavar) can be immediately relieved of all further duties. No doubt the oil will also help as we clean up the mess once Nexavar leaves the room and never comes back.
Sitting in the Corridors

Sitting outside the reception room, banished from the oncologist’s rooms for the last four visits, I had no way of knowing what the cancer blood count was and until Del left the reception room all I could do was wait, then wait some more. The oncology office is on the first floor of a private hospital, and my new waiting station is five metres from the door I am banned from crossing. Alas it didn’t stop others from walking out. On every occasion it was so painfully easy to pick which people were on some form of chemo. The pale drawn expression overlaid by the look of pure dread etched into their eyes was the common expression of exit. There is no spring in their step or sparkle in the eye, they are running on survival mode and suffering badly while under serious attack from the chemical cure.
It gets no better inside, there is a despair within the waiting room that sits somewhere between sombre and morbid. Finally, Del emerged from the clinic smiling and fully released from every sentence, her score was even lower than the last test, four. Three times in a row a score below their very low bar of twelve, during that time she began at half a tablet every five days and then for the last half Del took nothing except Medicinal Cannabis Oil, and was all the better for it.

Cleaning House

Every reduction taken and supplement used was at our choosing, in most cases the mainstream response was antagonistic or the polar opposite, but the last step into the void was the hardest. No-one has ever survived this affliction, it has a 100% mortality rate. Therefore not only should my wife be dead, and months ago at that, there is no expectations or plans for the future. The only certainty mainstream could offer is to maintain some sort of dose of chemo, none would recommend dumping the chemicals in total deference to the Medicinal Cannabis Oil. That is their world and perspective, not hers, Del took the final step in what was a considerable leap of faith.

She passed their final test and scored three out of three. The most obvious, and incredibly uncomfortable point of contention that revolves around her recovery is the role the Medicinal Cannabis Oil had in actually killing cancer cells. Close to half a million cells were killed in one month, I still remember the oncologist conceding it was the most rapid descent he had seen. To which I responded that this was the worst form and then I went further in attributing most to all of this to the actions of Medicinal Cannabis Oil. He refused to offer any comment, as he had done every time we mentioned this miraculous Oil.
Inevitably every oncologist is duty-bound to deny the credentials of this gift from nature, but that is in the past and no more than we expected, all we do know at this present juncture is that the cancers are no longer there. The ‘daughter cells’ are defeated, but this is a war that never goes away. The stem cells that turn into cancerous growths are impervious to any manufactured drug and will set their own destiny. They did it before with incredible vigour as the carcinomas came out of nowhere, Del had won an award for fitness over a certain age (there is no need to be more age specific) a few months before falling ill. And as for the future, nothing is certain except that in the past the cells have multiplied and struck once, and tomorrow is another day.

So priority number one is to ensure that the stem cells show no inclination or reason to mutate. All drugs made by humans with names difficult to pronounce are of no use except harming the internal defense mechanisms. The Medicinal Cannabis Oil is utterly without any harmful effects and has to continue, either forever or a very, very long time, but at a lower preventative dosage of five drops each day, instead of the maximum dose of ten Del has been on since knowing of the cancer’s presence.

The doctors and oncologists have been spectators throughout the whole event, none of what happened fits into their belief that the solution to cancer lay within a test tube. Del would not have survived if it wasn’t for the Cannabis, but it is naïve and unwise to assume her results mean that every person who takes Medicinal Cannabis Oil will defeat whatever illness befalls them. That just isn’t how it works, we have spoken to the people at Nimbin responsible for distributing some of the best Medicinal Cannabis Oil in this country about the success rate. Admittedly this figure is wholly subjective and anecdotal, nevertheless we feel the 50% success rate suggested is close to the mark. I’ve told the many people who have made contact with us seeking help in relation to using this gift in waging battle against all manner of serious conditions, that it is a 50/50 call. In each case that is 50% better than any other conventional medical prognosis, nearly everyone prepared to try this oil had exhausted all approved medical options. Such odds sound a blessing, so that is not a deterrent of itself only motivation to grab the keys and drive to Nimbin as soon as we finish talking on the phone.

Just a glimmer of hope is all most sought, so used to hearing death and ‘nothing can to be done,’ just to hear words of hope emboldens the spirit, but past that point what happens while taking the oil can swing the odds each person’s way is another story best told by my wife. The only clue I am allowed to give in relation to why her rate of recovery has no comparison, is that it is all up to how you read between the lines of the heading of both articles. Del still believes, and will to continue to do so, that this cancer was indeed a gift. By my estimate that knowledge is worth another 15% on the surviving side of the ledger, but that is another story.

For now let the science and pure logic take centre-stage and work past that point, in the next article we can look at how diet, attitude and reflection can balance the books and cells. In the first article we examined the scientific paper Bayer presented in support of registering this new concoction of chemicals and openly agreed in that this drug is an “inhibitor” that primarily reduces the blood supply to the cancerous growths. It doesn’t go wandering throughout the blood hunting down cancer cells, because it can’t. It slows down an inevitable death by a few weeks. That is the sum total of what that drug offers, at best, and it does get much worse. The side-effects are dire, common and the reason a follow-up test was abandoned. Therefore this drug is utterly, 100% proven and conceded to be unable to kill cancer cells at rate of over 100,000 for four consecutive weeks.

That being the science as offered by Bayer, then the Nexavar did not kill massive amounts of one of the worst cancer cells that has ever resided inside any human, past or present. That is the only artificial substance she agreed to take, and that dosage was a sliding scale running backwards, beginning at half dose and ending at nothing. So all that is left is the “herb,” the Cannabis plant and its heads that give up nature’s greatest elixir. The only substance on this planet that can kill the worst of cancers, and do so at such an amazing rate, sounds like something only God could create.
Up ahead nothing is written in stone, but going backwards in time is an entirely different matter.

Many, many years ago, when I was a child I remember first hearing of someone suffering from cancer. I looked it up to find out exactly what it was, all I knew was if you got this rare ailment it was ‘curtains.’ He was the only one, no-one else in my neighbourhood fell foul to this horrid disease. That was the norm, I have since found out that at the beginning of the 20th century, one in eighty people contracted cancer. One hundred years later we are assured by a bevy of medical experts that of the children born today one in two males will endure some form of serious cancer, the women fare marginally better with a success rate of one in three. What went wrong!!!

This is global disaster of monumental proportions of which no-one will profit except the directors and shareholders of pharmaceutical companies. The world’s health is teetering on a precipice and as each day passes the odds of not catching this ‘dis-ease’ lessen exponentially. What is baffling is the almost total absence of any serious discussions or complaint about this dire state of affairs in mainstream outlets. I can only suppose that they must have more pressing issues and topics to attend to.

And what have we as a global collective done to combat this astounding acceleration in tumours and victims? The laboratories across the planet have churned out all manner of combinations of exotic chemicals. The problem is with this approach is that nothing they manufacture is naturally nurtured and fed by nature and ultimately, created by God. Enter stage right and left, Medicinal Cannabis Oil. There is nothing anywhere that comes closer to the nectar of the Gods, and in the years to come this product of nature will alone lead the way in combating and defeating this epidemic of tumours. In Del’s case we have absolutely no doubt that this precious ’herb’ overcame the undefeated, the most resistant form of cancer cells in massive numbers was totally eradicated and this all happened well inside half a year. What of the less virulent forms of cancer, if the top rung has fallen, it is not logical to assume that under the right conditions and strands of Medicinal Cannabis Oil these inferior cancerous cells will also be killed through apoptosis?

Despite this unparalleled medical victory the future is decidedly uncharted, the drops of oil must continue for every preventative reason we can think of, and that makes us criminals in the eyes of the law. For simply trying to save my wife’s life, and others, we can be taken to court and prosecuted. Then to compound the injustice, it is from this same illegal plant we can make a house that is stronger and more durable than any other material used, a car and the fuel to power it, clothes, food to eat and a medicine that has no equal in curing a massive spread of illnesses and disease. And as a by-product we now know it can kill the most aggressive cancer known to humankind. No wonder it is illegal in this country, it makes you better and no-one can profit from the recovery.

After the first “Cancer is a Gift” article a lot of people in dreadful conditions for which mainstream medicine has nothing, have rung and shared their story. Every time, even before I heard any description of the problems and considerable pain caused mainly by the treatment, I held fast to an underlying optimism which never wavered irrespective of how dreadful the prognosis. I knew through Del’s experience that the bad chemicals are blind assassins who kill without regard, the good Medicinal Cannabis Oil is discriminating in seeking out the imbalance, and from the point of attachment onwards ready and willing to begin the battle for your life.

The result is still in balance, some win, some don’t. But that doesn’t really matter, the herb gives hope, a reason to fight and was never patented. It is free to every patient on the planet. Pick up one seed, sprout it, plant it, harvest it and the rest is in your hands. And it is all free, no dividends to be paid and all made in heaven. Couldn’t be better.

by Steven Strong – ForgottenOrigen.com

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