EPIC Voyagers Radio Network – Meet the Directors of ‘Packing for Mars’ Documentary

Frank Jacob & Tonia Madenford

Frank Jacob & Tonia Madenford

For our latest show over at EPIC Voyagers Radio we meet the director and producer of the excellent conspiracy documentary Packing for Mars. I get to ask them what it was like to work on such a mind bending film which covers so many ‘far out’ concepts and incredible first hand reports concerning the secret space program and the maniacal plans of the global elite. We talk Time Travel, Teleportation, Global Catastrophe, Global Enlightenment and Space Science. This was perhaps one of the most fascinating conversations I have ever been privileged to have. Join me on a mind bending ride into the realms of science fiction turned science fact!

Check out the homepage for the film at packingformarsmovie.com and consider booking an on-line rental now.

Join us at EPIC Voyagers for this interview on Monday 29th February via the Inception Radio Network 9pm ET or catch us again for a re-broadcast on Dark Matter Radio Friday 4th February 8pm ET.

Listen to the archived show right now!

From the website:

“Inspired by the 1970’s cult sci-fi novel ALTERNATIVE 3, one man, armed with nothing but a camera and an open mind sets forth to reveal the truth behind what may be one of the most startling secrets: An elite group is said to be secretly building an exclusive off-world survival colony on planet Mars. Individuals have begun to emerge claiming to have been actual Mars recruits. Immersing deeply into the lives of various researchers, experts and whistleblowers who share their extraordinary experiences, we explore aspects of quantum physics, time-space travel, teleportation, top-secret space missions, Planet X, breakaway civilizations and more. Shocking and inspiring, this is a true story of enlightenment that forces us all to rethink our reality.”

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  • Charles Anthony

    Extraordinary claims still require extraordinary proof. The story could be true but it’s an undertaking requiring people hours, money, time and the know how plus whatever I missed. How can it be pulled off without someone giving it all away? I think it makes a better story than reality.

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