Famous Cases of Channelling and What They Revealed

Opening the mind to mystic consciousness.

Opening the mind to mystic consciousness.

Channelling, for those unfamiliar with the subject, involves a medium, in trance, communicating with one or more sitters. Some people believe the messages come from discarnate entities whilst others insist that it’s either the medium’s sub-conscious mind or a hoax. What is apparent, to those who have experienced this strange phenomenon, is that whilst some messages appear to be genuine, negative forces sometimes try to get through and so every communication must be judged on its merit.

Frederick Bligh Bond 1921

Frederick Bligh Bond 1921

One of the most famous spirit related cases involved Bligh Bond the son of the Rev. Frederick Hookey Bond.  Bligh Bond was born in the Wiltshire town of Marlborough and he was a cousin of the English antiquarian, and novelist, Sabine Baring-Gould. Bond studied to be an architect and became acknowledged as an authority on the history of church architecture. He was also a Freemason, and a member of the the Theosophical Society, and he was very interested in psychic research. In 1908 when he was appointed, by the Church of England, to direct excavations at  Glastonbury Abbey, he arranged for two mediums to assist him with his project. He later revealed, in ‘The Gate of Remembrance’, that the discovery of Glastonbury’s Edgar Chapel was the result of several sessions of automatic writing, which reputedly came from deceased monks, and much of the information received proved to be correct. The Church, however, disapproves of spiritualism and after this aspect of his research was revealed ,he was later sacked. Bligh Bond later immigrated to America and he held a position in the American Society for Psychic Research. (1)

Eileen Garrett

Eileen Garrett

Eileen Garrett was a highly respected medium who was born in County Meath Ireland. From an early age, she exhibited psychic abilities and she channelled messages were relayed through her whilst she was in trance. One of these sessions was the most sensational case of its type on record. In 1929, the British Air  Ministry completed building the airship RIOI which was then the largest flying craft in the world. On 5 October in the following year, the R101 crashed in France killing 48 of the 54 people on board and it ended British efforts to develop the lighter-then air aircraft for commercial use. Two days after the crash, a séance took place at National Laboratory of Psychic Research. Using medium Eileen Garrett, the sitters, including a journalist, attempted to contact the spirit of the late Arthur Conan Doyle. However,  they got much more than they bargained for because, shortly after they were gathered in the séance room, Eileen Garrett went into trance and ,through her, the sitters were addressed by an entity who introduced himself as Flight Lieutenant H. Carmichael Irwin and who gave a detailed explanation of the technical problems that caused the R101 crash. This information was confirmed by the official report published six months later.

Edgar Cayce

Edgar Cayce

Edgar Cayce , one of America’s most famous psychics, was known as the ‘Sleeping Prophet’. He was born on 18 March 1877, on a farm near Hopkinsville, Kentucky, and was having visions at an early age as a child. Around 1898 he began to suffer from a paralysis of his throat muscles, so much so that it was likely that he would lose his voice. His doctors were unable to discover the cause of his ailment but a friend helped him enter a hypnotic trance which enabled him to recommend medication and therapy to cure his ailment. Cayce went on to diagnose treatment for patients of various doctors and he did this by tuning into them telepathically even when they were not in the same room as him. Cayce’s clairvoyant ability, and his predictions, are truly amazing but when it comes to his dating of Early World history, some of his claims are not in accordance with archaeological and other evidence. Many of Cayce’s life readings concerned Atlantis which, he said , was finally destroyed around 10,000 b.c.e and its peoples settled among the Egyptians and in the Americas. He explained that Egypt’s Great Pyramid was built over a period of 100 years from 10,490  to 10,390 b.c.e. and he told one sitter that, in an early life, he was an Atlantean involved in the building of this huge structure and the Temple of Records beyond it yet to be uncovered. In another reading ,he said that the sitter was in Egypt ‘ during the period of many tombs that are being found today ( the entity) aided in the construction of the Hall of Records yet to be uncovered’. ( 519-1) Cayce’s dating of the construction of the Great Pyramid is very precise but there is no evidence of there being an advanced civilisation in Egypt at that time but there is some to suggest that both it, and the  surrounding tombs, are dating back no more than 5,000 years and that the Great Pyramid played a major role in Egyptian religion at that time. In any event, it’s known that workmen involved with building the pyramids lived in a large nearby village where archaeologists have found thousands of artefacts, for the preparation of food etc, dating back  4,500 years ago. So far as the Hall of Records is concerned, this has never been found and the Jury is still out. (2)

In a reading in March 1927, Cayce said that a part of Atlantis would be found near Bimini, in the Bahamas, where there are long rows of stones. Some scholars claim that these are man- made but others insist that they are natural formations. Commencing from 1974, Professor David Zink, began a series of underwater explorations off the island of Bimini and he obtained readings from the late psychic, and Cabalistic scholar, Carol Huffstickler. In Carol’s psychic impression of the Bimini site, she claimed to have picked up the word ‘Pleiades’ from which, she said, highly advanced beings visited Earth around 28,000 b.c.e .  Although there is no evidence that a visit, from these stars, took place at that time, it would be appropriate for me to discuss my own experience of channelling because it has a very important bearing on this subject. (3)


Leonard Farra (holding the book he authored about the channelling) with medium Gerry Sherrick.

In the late 1970’s, when I was interested in psychic research, I was present at a series of fascinating communications which were channelled through the late English medium Gerry Sherrick. On 25 August 1979, and over the following weeks, an entity speaking through Sherrick stated that he was the leader of his tribe in the country now known as Mexico when huge ‘circular birds’ appeared in the sky. We were told how many of them arrived and even the number of crew in each craft. After they landed, tall white men emerged, dressed in close-fitting golden clothing, and they later changed into long white robes. People were so amazed when they saw them that they thought they came from the Sun. The tall white visitors didn’t speak like humans but used telepathy to communicate with the mind. With regard to their food, it was said that they ate ‘blue and green pebbles’ and that they brought their own water with them which they kept in containers. They also had special cutting tools and machines which were able to levitate heavy objects. Whilst they were here, they taught people many things and they ‘deposited their seeds in the wombs of  women’ so that great leaders would be born. Various other information was provided ,in the channelling, and it was also said that some people misused the technology that the star-people gave them and as they ignored warnings, the latter sent down ‘bolts from the heavens’ and destroyed their civilisation.(4)

Front cover image from Leonard Farra's book on the initial channelling and his subsequent related research work.

Front cover image from Leonard Farra’s book on the initial channelling and his subsequent related research work.

The channelling painted an incredible picture of the early history of civilised man and I was so intrigued, with what I heard, that I decided to see if there was any evidence to  support  it. Since then I have since spent literally thousands of hours researching a wide range of subjects and I have visited Ancient World sites. What I have since discovered is that all the information provided in the channelling, apart from the ‘sky-people using levitation equipment, appears in early religions, legends, archaeological sites, etc. (5) And with regard to the claim that the star-people interbred with mortals, this seems to be suggested in Gen.6:2. in the Bible: ‘That the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair; and took them wives of all which they chose’. Concerning the comment about the type of food that the sky-people brought with them, the Aztecs associated ‘green stones’ with the civilising, Aztec, god Quetzalcoatl ,who was known under various names throughout the Americas, and the Aztecs and Maya placed jade beads in the mouths of their dead. Like heir visitors? (6)  There were inner teachings for rulers and initiates, in many early religions but for the general public, they were often explained in the form of allegorical stories involving animals and birds which were often taken literally. With the passing of time, many of the animals became sacred in themselves. What I also discovered is that the sky-people were often associated with the Pleiades and with the teaching of agriculture. Some Native American tribes have placed their origin in these stars and one Asiatic people, who have this tradition, even claim to know where the Pleiadian space-craft landed. (7) The Pleiades were also associated with The Flood and with a new beginning. And as I mentioned in previous articles, there is evidence to show that this occurred around 5,000 years ago and that in some early traditions, such as those of the Maya and Hindus, this era marked the beginning of the present Age which followed the destruction of the previous era. In other words, this was the rebirth of civilisation and not its dawn as we are led to believe. This catastrophe was the origin of hundreds of simple, allegorical, deluge stories the theme of which is that a god, or gods, destroyed an evil people with a great flood and from two people who were saved are descended the human race.

The Pleaides brightest stars.

The Pleaides brightest stars.

My decoding of a popular Ancient Egyptian legend, and the Egyptian Book of the Dead, (8) has enabled me to identify the ‘evil, pre-deluge, race’ and to trace some of their descendants.   There have been sightings of these people in the dense jungles of Brazil, where there are legends, and traces, of lost civilisations, and on some Pacific islands such as Easter Island. And there are also traces of them in parts of Europe and Asia.(9) Furthermore, sky-god related sacred architecture was used in the Ancient Middle East, in  Egypt,  parts of Asia, Stone Age England,  and Central and South America. Without knowing its true origin, some of the sky-god symbolism was also adopted by the Church. The dove, for example, symbolises the Holy Spirit and it’s also used as a symbol of peace. Previously, it was used by the Greeks to represent the Pleiades and it also features in some deluge stories including the biblical legend. Some of the symbolism depicted on the windows of cathedrals, and churches, was also previously used to represent these stars.

The royal mace and sceptre were originally items of equipment which, according to the channelling, were used by the ‘E.T visitors’ and later became universally associated with the gods. For thousands of years, right through to the present, they have been objects of religious, and ceremonial, regalia, used by royalty and religious leaders who are completely unaware of their origin. There was a series of legends associated with these in the Middle East and West Africa and a version were also popular among the Incas in Peru.

The above is only an outline of the story which clearly contradicts the present accepted history of early civilised man. It also suggests that there was much more contact between widely separated peoples in the Early World than is presently believed. The evidence  suggests that there was an extra-terrestrial visit to this planet,5,000 years ago and that the Ancients associated it with the Pleiades. I should emphasise that neither I, or the medium who channelled these amazing communications, never previously knew anything about this subject and there was never anything like it before at this Circle. So where did the channelled messages, which prompted my ongoing project ,come from? Could it be that there is a spiritual dimension associated with this world and that we survive the death of the physical body?


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by Leonard Farra author of, ‘The Pleiades Legacy – The Stone Age’, ‘The Pleiades Legacy – the Old World’ and ‘The Pleiades Legacy – The New World’. All titles available at the blurb bookstore.

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