Glimpses Into the Distant Past – Anunnaki, Giants, Serpents & Catastrophe

Winged Anunnaki being and serpent (Image credit:

Winged Anunnaki being and serpent (Image credit:

There  are hundreds of deluge legends around the world  the majority of which relate to the

Snakes appear in the ancient mythology of cultures across the globe (Image credit: Leonard Farra).

Snakes appear in the ancient mythology of cultures across the globe (Image credit: Leonard Farra).

destruction of the previous  age around 5,000 years ago (See my article ‘The World in Upheaval 3,000 b.c.e). In later years, the serpent appeared in many legends and  it was sometimes shown in rock art with strange beings. There were various stories about a flying serpent and people throughout the Early World associated their gods,and goddesses, with this animal. A possible explanation  comes from the Sumerians who arrived in Southern Iraq, around 5,000 years ago and settled among the existing population. Their scribes said they  were survivors of the Flood  caused by the ‘serpent- linked’ Annunaki who had previously civilised man but who destroyed the last age because people had become evil.

The Apocalyptic books of Enoch tell a story about violent conflict in the past which appears to relate  to the pre-deluge era.  In one of these stories, white beings, who resemble humans, and who can be identified as the leaders of the Annunaki, escort Enoch  to a high place where he watches the wicked behaviour of the races of mankind, in the form of animals, taking place below.One of his companions  gives the animals a sword and they begin to attack each other. In another legend, about warfare in the pre-deluge age, comes from the North American Hopi who says that people in the that era built a form of flying craft which they used to attack the city of their enemies and, when the latter retaliated, there followed a terrible war which resulted in the creator’s nephew destroying the age with a flood.

Representation of an ancient giant in the Caucasus region (Image source: Bruce Fenton).

Representation of an ancient giant in the Caucasus region (Image source: Bruce Fenton).

The new Sumerian immigrants were not much different to present day man and some of their descendants are still living the the Middle East and elsewhere the world. However, there’s evidence to suggest that there were also much taller forms of man  in the pre-deluge era. In the late 1970’s a business colleague invited me and my wife to spend the weekend with his family in the country. During our first evening, after the couple’s children had gone to bed, our host suggested that we use an ouija board.*  It seemed a good idea,at the time, and so the table was laid out with letters, and numbers, and the four of us lightly placed a finger on a glass. At first the glass moved slowly then it  sped around  the table and spelt ‘Read the Bible’. Where in the Bible?, I asked. Genesis 6.4 was the answer.A  copy of the Bible was produced and from it I read  ‘There were giants in the earth in those days’and also after that when the sons of God came into the daughters of men,and they bare children to them,the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown.’. That’s amazing, I said, because I’m studying the Bible  and I only recently read this passage.

When I was involved with psychic research, in the late 1970’s, I was present at an amazing series of channelled communications which told of the visit of the ‘sky-people’ and one of the comments which came through was that some of these visitors ‘mingled with earth women who gave forth children who would be high in stature’. It was also stated that their tall offspring would have an eye in the center of their heads. I don’t know if this was a third psychic  eye or whether it a normal one but the figurines of some early people  have a raised feature on their foreheads as if they were  copying something and one of the depictions of the Cyclops show him with another eye on his forehead.

Did vessels like the 'Aida Serpent' save members of a lost civilization from global flooding? (image credit: Leonard Farra)

Did vessels like the ‘Aida Serpent’ save members of a lost civilization from global flooding? (image credit: Leonard Farra)

There are many legends around the world about giants  and there’s a fascinating  Jewish tale, related by William S .Walsh, about a giant called Og who asked Noah  for permission to enter the Ark. However Noah refused his request and only allowed him to stay on the roof. This appears to be an allegorical story which suggests that some of the giants survived the Flood. The renowned American psychic, Edgar Cayce said that there was an early civilisation called Og. Whether or not this is true, its interesting to note that there are many Og names around the world.

Colossal stone block at Baalbeck in Lebanon (Image credit: Ralph Ellis).

Colossal stone block at Baalbeck in Lebanon (Image credit: Ralph Ellis).

Over the years, people in different religions  built their temples over the religious sites of their predecessors and claimed them as their own. This happened at Baalbeck, in the Lebanon,where the Romans built a temple of Baal Jupiter in which they incorporated earlier base stones that weighed up to 15,000 tons. Some scholars link these huge stones with the Romans but even today’s machines would have difficulty in moving them. Arab legends say that Nimrod, the reputed great-grandson of Noah, sent giants there to build an earlier structure after The Flood. Many advanced early sites, where an explanation was not forthcoming, were claimed to be the work of giants and there were many legends about them in Cornwall England. A skeleton of a man, estimated to be at least 8ft tall was claimed to have been discovered in the 14th century at the heart of St.Michael’s Mount, Cornwall, and the May 1947 edition of the National Geographic magazine reported that excavations on the barren island of Lundy, off the coast of Devon,  have uncovered a massive crypt, built with huge blocks of granite, containing two stone coffins. In one coffin there was a skeleton of a man 8ft 2 inc tall and  the other contained a skeleton of a woman four inches shorter. Skeletons of giants have also been found in several parts of the world including Scotland, within many burial mounds in North Africa and more recently in Ecuador South America. The Greeks had a legend about a war between the gods and giants. Could it be that this was based on a conflict between a tall race of people and ‘star-people’,who were revered as gods, and who visited Earth thousands of years ago?

In my Pleiades Legacy books, I stated that in some early legends, people of a tall red-haired

4000 year old mummy with red hair and kilt-like dress, discovered in Western China (Image credit:

4000 year old mummy with red hair and kilt-like dress, discovered in Western China (Image credit:

race were  linked with a catastrophe that occurred in the era of the last great flood . Prior to the Spanish conquest of their land, the Canary Islanders ,the Guanches, included  a tall white red-haired race. According to Col. A. Braghine, when they were questioned on their origin, the islanders claimed to be the sole survivors of the great flood. South American researcher, Harold.T.Wilkins, wrote that, in 1929, the American traveller Lawrence Griswold was captured by Shuara Indians and he was taken up the Rio Juara one of the tributaries of the Amazon. One day, he and his captors, came across the ruins of an ancient city where there were pyramids, and a horseshoe shaped amphitheatre, and the small tribal elder tried to convince Griswold that this city was built by his ancestors. However, this was obviously  untrue as he claimed that its tall ‘red-haired’ builders were changed into his people ‘due to their wicked behaviour before the Flood’. Griswold was fortunate that he was a tall red head as the Indians thought he was of the lost race and that’s why they saved his life. Griswold was later escorted to the nearest port on the Amazon and,from there, he made his way  back to New York. There are also traces of a tall, white, red-haired, race in Northern Europe,  Egypt and Libya ,Easter Island, New Zealand, India and the Maldives, and in the Americas.

Although most of the hundreds of deluge legend relate to the watery destruction of the previous age, several Old and New World legends also claim that  there were even earlier ages. This is also mentioned in Plato’s Timaeus and Critias, where Solon is told ,by the Egyptian priests, that ‘there have been and will be different calamities to destroy mankind the greatest of them fire and water’. If  these legends are true, and the last age was destroyed 5,000 years ago,  when did the previous era come to a watery end? In a report dated 17 December 2014, Bob Flanagan stated that:

A new study by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has recently documented evidence of a record-setting surge in water levels throughout the planet approximately 12,000 years ago,a discovery experts say is about to rewrite the geological history of Earth as we know it’.

The 11,600 year old  astronomically aligned site of Gobekli Tepe, in Turkey, consists of several circular enclosures in which there are many  representations of animals and birds. The indications are that it was a sacred complex, probably served by priests, where ceremonies were enacted on festivals linked with the appearance of certain stars on important days in their calendar, Somewhat similar to the rituals enacted in the circular underground kivas of the Pueblo people in the south-west United States. Gobekli Tepe is  completely out of place in an era when people are thought to have been hunter gatherers.

Artists impression of Gobekli Tepe during construction process (Image credit: National Geographic).

Artists impression of Gobekli Tepe during construction process (Image credit: National Geographic).

In my article ‘My thoughts on Gobekli Tepe’, I drew attention to a feature on a stone  in one of the oldest excavated sites, Circle D,  which resembles a long arm pointing down at a line of seven birds on the plinth and I mentioned that over the years, in several widely separated cultures, people had legends about seven birds. In the biblical Deluge story Noah

took  seven pairs of every type of bird on the Ark ( Gen, 7.3.) Zeus changed the Seven Pleiades Sisters into doves and the Sumerians associated seven birds with Man’s civilisers-the Annunaki whose leaders were sometimes Pleiades linked . In the Early World, the east, the direction of the rising sun,  was often associated with rebirth and on the Gobekli stone

Gobekli Tepe's 'Totem Pole'.

Gobekli Tepe’s ‘Totem Pole’.

the seven birds are shown in a line from east to west Does the Gobekli symbolism relate to the return of the civilisers of man’?

In the Ancient World, Man’s civilisers were linked with a serpent and it may not be a coincidence that the snake was depicted more often than any other animal in Gobekli’s circular enclosures. A figure, on what’s been described as a totem pole, was dug up in the excavations at Gobekli Tepe. On either side of  the figure , which appears to be female, there are snakes and the  ‘female’ is shown giving birth to a human-looking baby. Several early peoples had traditions of snake mother goddesses and so could it be that this symbolism represents a much earlier one giving birth to humanity?

On a rock, found at Gobekli  there’s depiction of a snake, a tree, and ‘an ascending bird’.. Some early people had traditions of flying serpents ,or serpent birds, and the tree sometimes represented the World Tree which rose from the centre of the earth into the heavens .A snake and a tree were featured in some early traditions and as a bird, or feathers,  symbolised flight ,and the former was linked with the serpent which the majority of people associated with civilising gods, could it be that the Gobekli symbolism represented the  ‘gods’ departing into the heavens after the end of the age?

One particular Gobekli feature that’s aroused a lot of interest among alternative history researchers, is a representation of three bags on a stone. What’s generally overlooked, though, is that beneath them is a figure of a bird with a disc above one of its wings. Did this represent a flying disc ? The Gobekli bags are similar to others  shown held by gods thousands of years later. One was shown held by an Olmec god looking out from the coils of a snake. This is a version of  Quetzalcoatl, the Central American civilising god, who was depicted peering out from within the mouth of a snake and who had many  snake-linked counterparts in the Early World. Another bag carrier, this time in Assyria, is described as a genie who sprinkles the king Ashurnazirpal with sacred lustral water which he appears to be carrying in his bag. When I first read about this symbolism, many years ago, I recalled that in  the channelled messages about the star-people  it was claimed that they brought their own water with them which they carried in containers. Could it be that this is what the

11,000 year old wood carving (Image credit: Daily Mail).

11,000 year old wood carving (Image credit: Daily Mail).

‘gods’ had in their mysterious bags?

An 11,000 year old  wooden post , decorated with symbols, and originally over 17ft  tall, was found buried in a peat bog in the Ural Mountains in Siberia in 1890. Other than to mention that its ziz zag lines might represent the waters of space, I would add that that those who have read my Pleiades Legacy books will know that it might allude to  the Annunaki leaders who allegedly came here at the end of the last age 5,000 years ago.  Were they time travellers?

The craftsmen, and astronomers, who were involved in the planning and construction of Gobekli Tepe, and the priests who served the congregation, were not hunter gatherers and as there’s no trace of a lost civilisations in this area, they probably received their training elsewhere. Maybe the extensive flooding 12,000 years ago destroyed their civilisation.

*A word of warning. If you play with an Ouija Board, you are leaving a door open and you never know ‘who might come in’


by Leonard Farra author of the Pleiades Legacy series.

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