Good and Evil – Satan

The topic I am talking about today, is not only a controversial one, but rather scandalous.

It involves concepts both ancient and modern.

It has many methods of explaining it, all from different points of views.

For that reason, it is generally misrepresented or misunderstood.

The oroborus serpent eating its tale reminds of of the infinite cycle whilst roots and branches depict the Yin and Yang duality of that which dwells in darkness and that which dwells in light.

The ouroboros serpent eating its tail reminds of of the infinite cycle whilst roots and branches depict the Yin and Yang duality of that which dwells in darkness and that which dwells in light.

What I’m about to tell you, is esoteric in nature.

It has been expressed all throughout ancient civilization, sacred text, and various culture symbols.

It is a truth known that was understood by our ancestors, but few, even know about it today, let alone understand it, and its importance.

Even after it’s unveiling to most, few are able to see the connections surrounding it.

It can be explained by science, religions, ancient text, mystical concepts, mathematics, and lastly, the method of explanation that I will use to explain to you today; logic.


Assuming first of all; that I am talking to a person (people) with proper intellect, desire for knowledge/understanding, and most importantly, an open mind; I will enlighten you to one of the most fundamental and basic concepts throughout all of life- Good and Evil.


It is commonly thought and understood in our society today, that Good and Evil are the two forces working against one another in life.

If you go up to someone and ask them “what is Good and Evil?” they will tell you something to the effect, “Good is the things from God, and Evil is the things Satan”.

If you were to inquire upon that answer further, and ask, “Where does Evil come from then?”, they will generally respond, “Evil is from man- our sin- our turning away from God, and disobeying him, created and brought Evil into this world.”

Now, any clever atheist or skeptic will start breaking these answers apart, and continue on with such questions as, “So, evil didn’t exist before mankind?”, or “Where does Satan fit into this then?”, or “Why did God let evil come into existence?”.

The answers to these questions will start to vary, from person to person that is being asked, and will bring up some concepts from their answers, that seem to come from randomness and have no proper reasoning; as if a mother is answering a child’s question of “Why do I have to do that?” by responding “Because I said so.” As if that response really told them anything.

Other questions pose even more challenge.

“Why did God create Evil?”, “Why did God create Satan?”, “Why does God allow Evil to persist?”, or the famous, “If there is a loving God, why does he not stop all this Evil; why doesn’t he answer every prayer of good intentions? Why didn’t he create us in peace and harmony, with no evil and only Good?”; as these are questions usually come from people not willing to accept this idea being given to them that ‘God is a loving and caring God, but yet lets bad things happen to good people.’ As made famous by the well-known quote, “Why does Bad things happen to Good people?”.

All of this confusion comes from two main things; first being, not having a proper understanding of God and Creation, and second is from fear, in the sense that, what you have been told before, has been passed down through generations, and anything going against it, must be wrong or a perversion of Truth.


While what I’m about to tell you, can be used to pervert the Truth, anyone that actually understands its true meaning, knows how it can be perverted, and therefore cannot be fooled by any perversion.

For these reasons of a general lack of proper understanding of it, and the fear of it being twisted and using its esoteric knowledge for selfish or immoral purposes; it was kept hidden and secret throughout the ages.

It was pasted down in secret sects, groups, and religions, to people who was deemed worthy, and showed signs of high intellect and understanding.


What I’m about to tell you, you will not hear being preached from behind a pulpit.

It won’t be in the news.

And your best-friend isn’t going to know about it if you ask him.


What I’m about to tell you, is not some new discovery.

It’s not something that will spread around ‘virally’ by the masses.

It will not make you a guru or ’special’, in the sense that, this knowledge IS NOT required to live a person’s life ‘correctly’; and telling it to your friend or loved one, will only make you labelled as a ‘babbling fool’, as most will not be open-minded by any means to what you tell them about it.


The only people this knowledge is for, and the only people that will be able to understand it and its knowledge, is people looking for it.


So that’s the first rule on what I’m about to tell you; don’t become a ‘nut case’ online or to your friends, by trying to tell them, ‘they are wrong and you know the Truth’.

As doing so will only cause a division and divide between you and them.


So, only explain this knowledge to the people who are looking for it.

“How am I supposed to know who’s looking for it?”, you ask me?

You will know who is looking for it, because you were once that person. 😉


Now, I’m not going to sugar coat this.

I am about to speak very bluntly on this matter.

I will try refrain from using certain ‘Esoteric’ and “kabbalistic” terms, such as elaborating it by concepts like Ein Sof.

That is for a different discussion, and covers an entirely different concept.

But all you need to know for now, regarding such terms, for this discussion, is Ein Sof; refers to the ’state’ of God ‘prior to any creation’.

If you want to know further, you will have to wait for its discussion.

If you are not able to properly/fully understand what I’m about to tell you; you might need to wait for the discussion covering that subject.

Now let’s get to it.


Universally, in the grand scheme of things, Good and Evil are viewed as two forces competing against one another.

Evil is trying to stop Good- Good is trying to cancel out Evil.

This is not true.

Good and Evil are not against each other.


“In the beginning Good and Evil were on the same side, a part of the same team, wearing the same brand, knit together in the same cursed tree. They stood as one in opposition to the Tree of Life.

We are told to choose sides in the epic battle, the battle of the ages between the two as if they were competing parties.”


Good and Evil are not opponents.

They are not against each other.

They are polars.

A duality.


If you take the North and south poles, and cut the bottom pole off, you would not get rid of it. As soon as you would finish cutting it, the remaining would become the new opposite. Changing nothing.


If you put your two hands together, you will see how they are perfect mirrors. Direct opposites of one another.  Not against, not competing; nor are they the same thing.

Only opposites of one another.


This duality is a necessity. As, one, reveals the other.

Light revels what dark is, and dark revels what light is.

One cannot exist without the other.


If you are not catching on to what this concept means, then you are not paying attention.


Hopefully by now, you understand this knowledge is not independent in itself.

It is the underlying law of the universe, connected to everything it consist of.

So if you only take this concept for its definition and not use it as a filter, and see the connections that are from it; you are not understanding it properly.


The “Yin and Yang” is one of the oldest symbols, used to secretly express and protect this knowledge.

Light and darkness, forever circling each other, pushing each other, and pulling each other.

Light and Darkness are just other terms for Good and Evil, but the terms are used for different reasons on subjects of different discussions i.e. creation.


Light cannot exist without darkness, and darkness without light. They need each other.

Darkness feeds off of light, and light requires darkness to understand itself.


Think for a moment if there was no Evil.

How would one know the importance of Good, let alone be able to understand it?

There would be nothing to compare it to. It would all be the same.

Just like if you went to an area that was composed of nothing but pure light. How would you be able to see anything? How could you express or even draw something, or even have something to draw?


Just like when light hits a mountain, it instantly cast a shadow of darkness on the opposite side from which it is shining the light.


The words “Yin and Yang” mean, roughly, ‘the shadow side, and the sunny side of the mountain’.

(Did you ever wonder why so many major events in the bible, contain God speaking from a mountain? Ha. Are you seeing the connections?)

Obviously where you have a peak, you have to have two sides. You can’t imagine a one sided peak.

So one side is in the shade, and the other is in the sun.

From that, we get ‘positive’ and ’negative’, as we have in electricity.

You can’t have electoral current without the positive and negative poles.

You can’t have a magnet without the North and South poles.

You can’t have a front without a back.

You can’t have one without the other.


So, the Yin and the Yang, generate each other, in the Chinese phrase ‘they arise mutually’, just like ’to be and not to be’, you cannot have one without the other.

You don’t know what you mean by ‘beautiful’, unless you know what you mean by ‘ugly’.

You don’t know what you mean by ‘solid’, unless you know what you mean by ‘empty’.


The big question most people have on this topic, which I’m now going to explain, is; “what is Satan’s role?”


Deity revealing itself through sacred geometry.

The divine reveals itself through sacred geometry.

The answer to that question, as well as this esoteric knowledge, is written in the book of Job.

There you will see, that in the court of Heaven, Satan is the ‘District Attorney’ (“the accuser”).

He is not as Christians imagine-the enemy of Heaven, and the enemy of mankind.

He is merely the person who sees the bad side of things, and carries out the ‘dirty work’.

Therefore, he saw Job, and wondered if Job was as really a great a guy, as he seemed to be.

He then suggested to God, that he should appoint a ‘committee of investigation’, to find out.

Obviously ’the committee’ did its work very thoroughly, but the case went against Satan, because it was proved in the end, that Job was an honourable man.

Now you notice in society, we pay the salary of our district attorney.

Whenever there is a great criminal case, before the public eye, people begin to take the side of the ‘underdog’, and the prosecutor always has less public sympathy, than the defense.

On the right hand of God- which you know, the defense is always on the right hand of the judge in court; is our only mediator and advocate; the Son of God, Jesus Christ.

So there is the defense, and there is the prosecution.

It is the function of Satan to be ‘the prosecutor’.

Now we could continue on with this, and cover several other topics, like the antichrist, how God is connected to both Good and Evil, and various other things that pertain to creation and the afterlife, but that’s not this discussion.

If you do not understand, nor if you haven’t not made any connections and realizations to what I have just told you, then you might need to start back on your research of ancient esoteric and gnostic concepts, as you  have not acquired enough of the necessary concepts in which this esoteric knowledge can be properly understand with.

You should see the connections, the implications, and the importance of this knowledge.


In closing

Esoteric Knowledge simply means; the understanding of the unity of the opposites.

Socially this is disreputable.

That’s why esoteric knowledge is kept silent.

Mysticism, comes from the Greek word ’mho’, which means the finger on the lips; don’t give away the secret.

Now I know some of you will say, “Why are you telling us- such a ‘big audience’; and in a way, giving away the secret?”

To which Ill respond by stating this;

I assume firstly, you are already searching for this type of knowledge.

I also know if you look somewhere else, you might find it, but you’ll probably find it told perversely and distorted, thus not being true or able to be understood.

And most importantly I know;

If you aren’t ready to know what I’m talking about, you won’t understand.

If you properly understand that, in a sense, I really have nothing further to explain to you.


by Jacob Critcher – Speaker, Writer, Educator and Gnostic Psyconaut


  • Hi, as most people do not like to know their dark side ….if somebody know the real meaning to words of Lord Krishna at the end of Bhagavadgita : To Upper Heaven I say : would you like to take 3 incarnations as my enemy, or 7 incarnations as my admirer, to finish its spiritual journey into Liberation ? and now, as above, so below, Rulers, so called Illuminati, are divided exactly that way : but human demons still prevail… Hi, as most people do not like to know their dark side…that is why , they invent Satan, again and again…

  • Charles

    I have a different take on all this: I don’t believe that God is an entity, a person separate and apart from Creation with a personality. Genesis is an allegory that is defined by symbolism and not to be taken literally. This is the main cause of so much confusion and suffering that has ruled the world since people began thinking about such things. Duality is an illusion, a trap. People think in terms of light and dark when in reality there is only light and “dark” is simply the absence of light. With skin color, white is all pigment and black is the lack of that pigment.
    I’m a strong proponent of the Age of Aquarius and the passing of the Age of Pisces. Pisces was all about belief or faith. Aquarius is all about knowledge. I don’t want to just believe in something hoping that it’s true. I want to know it’s true and that knowledge can only be gained through direct experience. This is what happens when people ingest certain drugs and are confronted with Ultimate Reality. It can be quite an overwhelming experience that many Westerners have no cultural background to comprehend. So. they think they have gone crazy or they’re gonna die or it was a thoroughly horrible experience.
    How do we know that such knowledge is true? We don’t. That’s for each individual to decide for themselves. The Truth is there is no such thing as the Truth. Truth is infinite just like God and as such, impossible to be understood by the finite mind. I think this is the direction thought will go but it will be a very difficult road. Thoughts and ideas that have been around for the last 2000 years or so will change. Like all revolutionary change, first it will have to be destroyed and through that destruction will come a rebirth as symbolized by the Phoenix. It truly is a brave new world.
    These are my thoughts and opinions. If it resonates with some, take it and run with it. If not, find your own path to enlightenment. God knows there are as many paths as there are people. Whichever one appeals to an individual is the one to take.

  • Elliot ryburne

    Black is the presence of pigment, where as white is the absence of it, said melanin.

  • observer

    What a crock of shit. Sorry Bruce but where the hell did this ridiculously stupid and incorrect article come from and why is it on your site. Know you know better.
    Probably gonna go through this and dissect it bit by bit as along with all the vamp sniffing and arse felching that goes on in this world, drops from the devilless’s unwashed period clotted **** behaviour as it is, many well intentioned people are falling into traps. Goddamn epidemic for now, but anyway.

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