The Annunaki Revealed

Representation of the Sumerian Anunnaki

Representation of the Sumerian Anunnaki

Although much has been written about the Sumerian Annunaki, there’s no evidence to support the suggestion that they were linked with events that occurred hundreds of thousands years ago on Earth or on other planets. What’s known for certain is that the Sumerian scribes claimed that they helped civilise mankind, and taught people agriculture, but later destroyed the previous age with a flood, due to the evil behaviour of man, and that there is evidence to suggest that this flood occurred 5,000 years ago when civilisation was ‘reborn’ in various parts of the world and when the Mayan and Hindu calendars date the commencement of the following age. In the post deluge era the leaders of the Annunaki were revered as gods, or ancestral leaders, in many cultures, and stories based on them have continued around the world right through to the present including in the themes, and titles, of popular stories. This includes European legends in the Middle Ages, whose origin is regarded as a mystery, and stories of the origin of people in pre-Columbian Central America which have also confused researchers.

Some Annunaki linked  ‘star-god’ traditions were adopted by the Mystery Religions and they are also alluded to in Freemasonry. They are also found in the form of allegorical stories in the Old and New Testaments and in the Books of Enoch which relate back to catastrophic events which reputedly occurred in the pre-deluge era. There are also references to them in the Norse legend of Ragnorok which describes the end of the world and its renewal. Some of the early legends imply that there was a great war on this planet before The Flood. If this is true, then World Wars One and Two become two and Three.

The number, and shape, of the Annunaki craft were alluded to in star-lore ,in numerous early traditions, rituals, sacred art and architecture, and in the claimed natural features associated with some early Middle Eastern cities. Over the years, the latter tradition spread to many countries so that it’s now claimed by a large number of cities.

It’s been suggested, by some alternative researchers, that the Annunaki came from a planet called Nibiru. However, many early traditions associated them with the Pleiades. These stars appeared in numerous traditions throughout the Early World. Some people believed them to be the origin of their ancestors and the source of all life. The Toradja, in Sulewesi, Indonesia, also claim to know here the Pleiadian star-ships landed when they arrived on Earth. These famous stars regulated several early calendars and they were associated with The Flood, agriculture, and the civilisers of man. Many early sites were aligned to their rising, religious festivals were often celebrated when they appeared and agricultural activities began in various parts of the world The Pleiades were sometimes conceived in the form of seven young girls and people in widely separated cultures told of the time when they once came down to visit Earth. Several years ago, people who claimed to have been abducted by aliens, described some of these entities as being of similar appearance to Scandinavians and it was said that, if dressed in present day clothes, they would pass unnoticed in a crowd. Because of their appearance, they became known as Nordics and it has been suggested that they came from the Pleiades. There’s a mystical thread running through many of the Annunaki linked stories. It’s found in many parts of the Ancient World including much earlier in Gobekli Tepe. (See my article ‘My Thoughts About Gobekli Tepe’.) This symbolism, at Gobekli Tepe, suggests that these beings were also revered as gods as far back as 12,000 years ago.

What I have described above is part of a huge, complex, puzzle which includes a wide variety of subjects such as symbolism, sacred architecture, astro-archaeology, star-lore, astrology, early religious traditions, legends, folk customs, place names and sayings, and even the names of several popular commercial products.  I appreciate that many readers will find this story too deep to take in but ‘everything’ that I have said is backed up by evidence and I haven’t made up any of it. Those who want to know more about my research will find it in my three Pleiades Legacy books which also include explanations for Egyptian religion and the Great Pyramid, Stonehenge, Easter Island, the Stone Age cultures, the Maya and Chichen Itza, Teotihuacan, Tihuanaco, the misinterpreted traditions of the Dogon, etc.

Those interested in following this fascinating subject further will find it covered in my three Pleiades Legacy books. They will find that the thread, that I mentioned above, is an important Key to unlocking many of the mysteries of the past.

by Leonard Farra author of the Pleiades Legacy series.

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