The Inca Did Not Build Giant Megalithic Constructions of the Andes

Inca repairs to an existing, supposedly Inca built, damaged wall. Note the failiure of the Inca stonemasons to replicate their earlier abilities... (Image credit: 14

Inca repairs to an existing, supposedly Inca built, damaged wall. Note the failure of the Inca stonemasons to replicate their earlier abilities… (Image credit: 14

I will make no secret of the fact that I absolutely refute the claims that the great and imposing megalithic constructions of the Andean region are the result of the Inca Empire. Let me immediately clarify that I am absolutely convinced by the evidence, physical finds and experiments, that the Inca were unable to accurately shape, move and construct with multi-ton stone blocks. It is my position, and that of most intelligent informed researchers, that the great perfectly fitting polygonal blocks making up enormous structures in the Andean region, were the work of a pre-Inca culture that vanished long before their empire rose to power and annexed existing sites.

None of this is based on any fanciful thinking, nor on channellings, alien’s theories or strange dreams. The physical evidence and indeed at least some indigenous aural history points towards a culture of highly advanced builders from several millennia previous to Inca society. The following video demonstrates the absolute failure of today’s pre-eminent proponents of the Inca as builders theory in their effort to support that contrived and silly faith based belief, unsupported by real data.

The Inca were limited to river pebbles as hammers, had no heavy lifting equipment, lacked the wheel and typically used rough, poorly shaped, relatively small stones, in constructions that are 100% proven to be theirs.



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  • Eric Vasallo

    Awesome series! about time someone calls BULLSHIT on all the loose-slaphazard theories that we all accept as fact just because some old farts that call themselves Archaeological specialists say so. Archaeology is not brain surgery, they need to get over themselves. A lot of major archaeological discoveries have been made by so-called “amateurs” and sometimes the obvious is invisible to the eye. Keep on digging!

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